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Pennsylvania products using US Grown Hemp Grains and marketed D2C (Direct to Consumer) or B2B (Wholesale). 

Retail in Wrightsville, Pa Friday & Saturday menu- Manufactured On Demand resellers.

HEMP: Harnessing Educational Minds = Plant Potential.

Trail Friendly 

Visit us retail direct on Friday and Saturdays in the Republic of Wrightsville, York County, PA. Thanks to a York Bloom grant we are working on upgrading the graphics on the trailer, an Ad in Hellamshire    restaurant and we look forward to serving hikers, bikers, beer drinkers. 

In the Beginning

The Man behind the loco-motion
Welcome Friends - 

Shawn House; CEO of Lancaster Trading House, Inc. If you register on my platform you can get special discounts, make comments on our brands and products we represent.

Shipping our product lines to your store (B2B)  or home (D2C). Our retail location in Wrightsville, PA. or through our Network

Open Thursday Friday Saturday 11:30-4:30ish

All New Direction

Creating Jobs Protecting the Environment

Pennsylvania. In the USA 1-800-USE-HEMP  

CEO Shawn House standing holding hemp pretzels hemp rope in his HQ's in Columbia PA welcoming the cannabis community with his web portal.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Hemphrisbee Closeout

Fiber use in plastics is another way to "de-carbonize" and lower the amount of plastics. We now can have labels produced through Winkin Sun Hemp to add your brand on a hemp frisbee.

This line of 10" - 175 gram frisbee's won't be around for long.

ON SUMMER Sale $10.00 Ea - 

Need to know more? Investments? Hemp Venture?

Projects Moving Forward

Hemp Projects

Hemp Grain Uses to hemp fiber.

So many good things in the pipeline but it takes funding, investment and the infrastructure. Hemp education is one of our strengths. 

The LTH is a big piece of making this industry hempen. Lets do it together. . - An additional information