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Whole Hemp Seed Toasted

Whole seed or hearts used in our lines.

HempSeed Nutrition

HemPeanut Butter 

With or without roasted peanuts. Food Service Ready

New Batch 

Last Batch Sale

Protein Powder

Recipe friendly smoothies, baking, gravies - 50% protein

Protein Powder Sale

Sourdough Pretzels - Revonah 1998

The Venture with our first bakery partner as No Problem, Inc.

Sourdough Page

High Protein Soft Pretzels

Licensed Bakery Food Service Ready

MOD - Wholesale

Soft Pretzel Page

Our Mustard Bites Back

Recipe friendly one of our all time best sellers

Mustard Page

Tinctures for anxiety

Farm to Table from PA. 

Shop Tinctures

Shop Salves

Garlic Power

Sweet Garlic Jam

Shop Garlic Jam

Topical 400mg CBD Garlic Salve

 Pet & People Pain Relief

Quality of Life 

ShOP Pet Releif

Shop People Relief

Projects Moving Forward

Hemp Projects

Hemp Grain Uses to hemp fiber.

So many good things in the pipeline but it takes funding, investment and the infrastructure. Hemp education is one of our strengths. 

The LTH is a big piece of making this industry hempen. Lets do it together. . - An additional information

Hemp Connects Our Communities

Into 2024 - The plans moving forward.
Capital Investment for.
 retail location   expanding the   NETWORK

Focus April 12 & 13th, 2024 PA Farm Show Marketplace location.

10 plus Years at Beer Festivals 


- Contact Him 

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