BGR Racing To Free The Seed

Everything hempens for a reason

Miracles for Malaya

Bryn and Amanda have a healthy son Kia and lost their beautiful daughter on Wednesday Sept 25th - she was a fighter and had  a rare disease that kept them busy going back and forth at Hershey Medical. Besides the passion for racing Bryn is dedicated to finding the best way for his daughter to get as healthy and improve her quality of life on this amazing world. 


Bryn Can Tell Ya;

It's a regroup and recoup year after 2020. This interview was done a few years back in 2018 - more power to his effort, dreams and sharing them with us and the world. 


Shawn was impressed

We loved to have Bryn's fans come up, to be quite honest I didn't not know much about 410 racing although my cousin Bryan does it - his passion for hemp, his committment to making his vision hempened withh his own challenges with taking care of family & pursuing your dreams.

Balance it out and help them out


Proving It Can Be Done

Bryn's Passion and connections are helping him manifest his destiny I am happy to have been a part of this - 

Look at what happened over the years