BGR Racing To Free The Seed

Everything hempens for a reason



Shawn was impressed

We loved to have Bryn's fans come up, to be quite honest I didn't not know much about 410 racing although my cousin Bryan does it - his passion for hemp, his committment to making his vision hempened withh his own challenges with taking care of family & pursuing your dreams.

Balance it out and help them out


Proving It Can Be Done

Bryn's Passion and connections are helping him manifest his destiny I am happy to have been a part of this - 

Look at what happened over the years


Bryn Can Tell Ya;

It's a regroup and recoup year after 2020. This interview was done a few years back in 2018 - more power to his effort, dreams and sharing them with us and the world. 

Miracles for Malaya

Bryn and Amanda have a healthy son Kia and lost their beautiful daughter on Wednesday Sept 25th - she was a fighter and had  a rare disease that kept them busy going back and forth at Hershey Medical. Besides the passion for racing Bryn is dedicated to improving his family and community's connections for peace & justice in this world..