We Remember - It Affected our little Pretzel Start Up 

Lancaster Newspaper article Hemp-prodct seller goes to bat against DEA rules

2000-2004 Trying.

As a member of the Hemp Industry Association at the time and having just purchased the assets of No Problem, Inc ie, Hempzels™ it was not the way I wanted to start off. I was a signatory to the lawsuit but not a financier. Thanks to David Bronner & his effort we voiced our concern and stopped it but the damage had been done.

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Press Release

Remember these are old phone numbers & addresses - don't use them if you are trying to contact the company. 1-800-USE-HEMP in the USA goes right to the office today 2021 - 

This was released when the Lancaster Newspapers proclaimed Hemp Foods To Be Banned - how else do you dispute it?

Have a Taste Test - Bronners', Alpsnacks, Nutiva, and I sent products out throughout the United States to various groups who were standing in front of the DEA's office -

I went to Philadelphia.

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The Affidavit Towards the Case

I couldn't afford to finance anything but I added my signature to the affidavit that went to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals where they ruled against the DEA who than did not appeal it to the Supreme Court - basically it was struck down. Thus my insistence #AbolishTheDEA.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.


David Bronner Explains

Reason magazine interviews David Bronner, CEO of Bronner Soaps who helped finance the end of hemp prohibition. One All -

Check out their website


Challenging the agencies stance

The racist history of cannabis prohibition speaks volumes to bad drug laws that are still on the books. David Bronner chained himself in a cage in front of the Obama Whitehouse to protest the way the laws were being enforced.

- Hemp Cannabis collection

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2004 - 4 years later

This was only one of many hurdles to overcome as a Hemp-entrepreneur. We as an organization had challenged an Agency that had a history of abuse in the "War on Drugs" perpetuated by disgraced Impeached President Richard R. Nixon who didn't want to listen to Pennsylvania Governor Shaffer that "marijuana" should not be a Federal Priority - of course Dick did not listen to common sense from a Pennsylvania Governor. 


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2022 - evidence

DEA Whistleblower Claims Mass Fraud and Corruption. Is Anyone Surprised?


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