2 whole garlic bulbs and split cloves in the middle highlighting the benefits

This page is devoted to our products containing Garlic in them and other's within all things Garlic - Homeopath - Uses. 4/10/23 a work in progress.


Sweet Garlic Jam


Relief Vapor Rub


And a great subtitle


And a great subtitle

Sweet Garlic Jam

One of our "secret" ingredients.


Sweet Garlic Jam

Recipe friendly = used on our signature product lines, HEMPizza's - and Sandwiches part of our "secret" recipe.

Great with bagels, cream cheese, chicken, pork, lamb, use as a glaze in grillin & bbq'ing. 

Available in 9 oz Jars - Retail Direct / Cases of 12 Wholesale & in food service

Garlic Topical Relief

  • Use in place of Vics Vapor Rub

  • Amish recipe when feeling sickness on set put on the bottom of your feet & wrap them over night, put it on your chest to open sinus

  • 4 oz Glass Jar - Safety Sealed

  • Sold Wholesale 12 Per Case

  • retail Direct Discounted 2-8

Bottle of Hemp Garlic Salve 4oz Size showing labeling