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I met Kellie & Grayson

I was vending at the Washington DC NORML event selling Hempzels™ their team had converted a Mercedes Benz to run on hemp seed bio diesel fuel. It smelled like french fries, was noisy but didn't use typical gasoline. They had no idea where they were going to start so I suggested coming up to Hempland Township, they did it better and went to Henry Anslingers grave in Johnstown, Pa first than came to Lancaster, York and toward Philly, New York - 13,000 miles to prove a point.

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Kudos to the crew and all who supported this effort, I am happy to participated..

Lancaster Press Conference

I met Steve Groff earlier at my Hemp Meeting with the farmers in Yoder's Restaurant. He was growing a similar plant "kenaf" - people would say some guy in southern Lancaster is growing hemp and we found out it was sun hemp. Years later Steve is now CEO of Hemp Innovators out of Holtwood, PA besides a Cover Crop Farming Guru.

I invited Les to provide a demo which he was happy to participate he is know Executive Director of Keystone Cannabis Coalition. .


Hemp Can

Be A great resource

Lancaster County

Thank You Hemp Car!



Hemp Car

Moments _ news - Action

Another wonderful way to show the true potential of the "New Billion Dollar Crop" as Popular Mechanics told us in 1939

More to be added - An additional information


More Coverage

After we wrapped up -

Lancaster Coverage

Thursday May 31st 2001 - 3 months before 911 - Press Releases Sent Out

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Getting to the root of it

Farmers were interested, other nations were growing it, our DEA was trying to impose other restrictions in round about ways. My attitude was to treat hemp like any other vegetable. Know your farmer but seeing and smelling this Mercedes run down in Washington DC was another reason to question the narrative once you uncovered the history, chemurgy and the possibilities of this renewable annual crop.

It's not the first time I've discussed or tried to answer questions about it

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Positive Press

From the Article posted up top - knowledge has changed the laws.

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Working With Steve Groff

Steve & I met prior when I hosted the Hemp Meetings with the Lancaster Farmers earlier in the year. He embraced the idea that his farm would eventually be growing hemp, he is HEMP Innovator

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Started in Virginia

Drove up to Johnston Pennsylvania to Henry Anslingers Grave


Over to Custom Blends and Mark Tucci's magic at his store

July 2001

Up to Three Mile Island to get a picture with Hempfield Supervisor Michael Wagner and former Tobacco growing President Jane Balmer

Moving Forward towards Philadelphia

July 2001

Up to New York City 

Than to Massachuesett's and onwards 13,000 miles

If you have more pictures, clippings etc re Hemp Car  Please email us today so we an add it to the history.

We don't need to re-invent the wheel to leave a great legacy for our children