Pretzel Rods=Protein!

Naked soft high protein soft pretzels in a red white blue basket and mustard sauce. 

The perfect portion size 2 oz.

Enjoy them served hot or purchase frozen to take home, thaw, heat, & eat.


  • HOT RODS $2.00 Ea / 3 for $5.00

  • Includes PA Sales Tax

  •  Frozen Take Home 24 for $30.00

  • Add Mustard for $4.00 

  • Soft Pretzels Served

  • Naked / Salted or Cinnamon Sugar or Garlic Parmessan.

Paired up with our: $5.00 Mustard / Jams Only = 3 for $13.00

Buy Frozen Take Home 24 Stix Per Bag

Order Online Pay & Pick Up!

Photographic Image of vibrant colored teas with the Hempzel Pretzel Logo

Organic Kombucha

$4.25 Served Cold at the Trailer

Delivered with orders On Line locally

Available Wholesale by the Keg coming soon.


Large jar of hempseed surrounded by soft pretzels & a bottle of mustard a door hanger.

We are more than just pretzels

Hemp Seed is Energy

Protein Powder

Topicals for Pain Relief

Tinctures for Sleeping / Anxiety

Young girl in white tank top holds Cannafizz soda and variety of bottles lined up - Gotta Try It.

All Natural Beverages

Fountain Soda's Old Fashioned Goodness Pin Point Carbonated  No Fructose Corn Sweetener, sold in 12 oz glass Bottles

On Sale $3.00 Ea plus Pa sales tax along with water - Sold out of Citrus Twist - Running Low on Cola

This spring we'll bring in the non CBD non fructose corn syrup great tasting sodas.

Man double grips Hempzels(tm) ham and cheese sandwich and gets ready to munch it.

Customer Vetted

We look forward to expanding into sandwiches with our pretzel rolls and we are ready for the beer garden to open up right next to us.

Take home hot or frozen high protein soft pretzel rods.

Jar of salve Deep Tissue with bright red showing from top & bottom behind the label.

Topicals & Tinctures 

Besides great high protein pretzels, condiments, and more we offer a line of pain relief salves, lotions, topicals & tinctures produced in Pennsylvania from trusted sources.
$30.00 4 oz Jar.

$8.00 Super Knitter
2:" Hemp webbing 1.5" 
 $7.95 Sale
$8.00 lb

Let's rock 2023-4-5

.Restaurant ready soft pretzels that we say beats Annie Anne's, Philadelphia, New York or Chicago. Higher protein, plant based - vegan, gmo free, working with Dutch Country Soft Pretzels our licensed bakery.

Red background with Hempzel logo and soft pretzel stix laid out by salt bowl and pallet of cases.
 Jewelry Books
Rope Making Wooden  
Pick Up Marasca Bottles No Caps $1.10ea available by the case
 Hemp Seed Whole Roasted Salt N Pepper
Hempeanut Butter On Sale $10 Jar plus Jam  Selection of hemp seed, hempeanut butter, hemp jams produced in Lancaster County.

Next door is the party place. Green way image with house a stones throw from our concession trailer in Wrightsville, PA.