Hot Soft Nuggetz - Stix Baking 3/23

Take Home Frozen Nuggets 

  •  Soft Pretzel Nuggets $4.71 plus tax

  • Frozen Take Home 100 for $30.00

  • Naked / Salted or Cinnamon Sugar

  • Hot Cheese Sauce by the cup

  • Sandwiches in the spring


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Basket of Soft Stix

Enjoy our high protein soft pretzels or or take home frozen to heat & eat. Selling through our 6 oz Braids but baking March our 2 oz Stix. Limited Swirls & Nuggetz.

Paired up with our: $5.00 Mustard / Jams Only = 3 for $13.00 

Buy Frozen Take Home 24 Stix Per Bag

Order Online & Pick up - Thats the Plan.

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All Natural Beverages

Fountain Soda's Old Fashioned Goodness Pin Point Carbonated  No Fructose Corn Sweetener, sold in 12 oz glass Bottles

On Sale $3.00 Ea plus Pa sales tax along with water -

This spring we'll bring in the non CBD non fructose corn syrup great tasting sodas.

Customer Vetted

We look forward to expanding into sandwiches with our pretzel rolls - 2/2023 we are going to discontinue the swirls for now.

While They Last

We have a line of hemp sweaters, hemp hoodies, hemp gloves, hemp hats, hemp stash bags & more which will be at the Concession Trailer when the weather is nice. 

Topicals & Tinctures 

Besides great high protein pretzels, condiments, and more we offer a line of pain relief salves, lotions, topicals & tinctures  produced in Pennsylvania from trusted sources.


Digital Menu

Our new menu is being created for 2023 - PA Farm Show booth 109 in January - updating.

Let's rock 2023

.Restaurant ready soft pretzels that we say beats Annie Anne's, Philadelphia, New York or Chicago. Higher protein, plant based - vegan, gmo free, working with Dutch Country Soft Pretzels our licensed bakery.

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