Hempzelized In Afghanistan

July 4, 2022 Hemp - Bodano

Increase Protein

Helping increase nutritional in bread

Hemp (Bodano) in their traditional bread similar to Naan. This experiment will expand as it becomes a staple in the Afghanistan society.

Kabul was the testing spot & the response has been positive. More to be posted.

- Hemp Flour Added in 8/2022

Initially I thought I was being scammed. With 1-800-USE-HEMP in the USA I get a few calls that aren't ordinary business. Speaking with one of the partners their goal was clear. Increase the protein in the Afghanistan populations bread supply.

War torn for years many of the people are not able to make a living and are not getting the nutritional diet that many are accustomed to in the land of the home and the free (USA). The goal from this non profit was to import hemp flour, test it to make sure it worked in the environment, with the bakers and taste acceptable to the folks who love their bread - a type of Naan bread prevalent in many regions, a type of flat bread.

They needed it in Kabul Afghanistan by July 11th and the Canadians due to regulatory issues couldn't get it to them quick enough. After learning of their mission they drove up from Washington DC & we pulled hemp flour & hi protein hemp flour for them to test. As daily testing is done we are getting positive feed back, taste, nutritional profile & acceptance by the populace.  We hope this is the start of a great relationship & the goal is to spread hemp flour and stop spreading bombs.

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Feed the People

Positive Reactions

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-adding non profit information 8/2022