PA Farm Show Shout Outs

2005 finished 2024 into 2025


Future Leaders the kids

It's been wonderful over the years to see kids who we introduced hemp to in 2005 now grown up and understand true cannabis hemp.

Knowledge is the key to ending ignorance and ending the war on hemp

Father & daughter

I remember Alex Nye when he first came to the booth and every year after as he'll tell you. Now he brings his daughter. Seeds that have been sown into good grounded people are taking root. Our customer driven, mission orientated company. Hope for our future with children and parents who keep an open mind to the simple things in life. 


The enthusiasm is contagious

When folks drive from out of State to get your product it's a good sign. Let Ivy tell you - and this is one of the major reasons to make our customers hempy, that we'll be back in 2022..

The Soft Pretzel Evolution

One of our favorite yearly customers comes up and can take home our product plus that year we were experimenting with the hemp flour and producing peanut butter hemp cookie's something we didn't pursue further. Notice the old bag and new bag the following year. The bag has a story - 

Break Time

Hempzels Plus Natalies

It's been a cumulation of many years to make something work and I think we've tapped a nerve. So now 2021-2-3 we want to come back but also need your business so now with the new webplatform if the stores can't handle our product we are hempy to ship direct to you.

Norristown, PA
Thorn Between Two Roses :) 

Dr. Cho Lee - Growth

2019 Dr. Lee like many came through the both telling me how they have been involved with the industry whether for agricultural hemp or medicinal cannabis - compounding, etc. In a complicated world we are making things simply again from the farmers fields. Just say know or be polite and say no thank you. We say yes to true cannabis hemp. 

Cannabis shop


We focused more on our products to pay the bills vs half or more of the booth being filled up with American and world history regarding True Cannabis Hemp. Now it's packaging, customer satisfaction, expanding the lines to make sure there is something for everyone. As you've seen each time our customers are pretty passionate just like we are. Thank you friends. 

Darian's annual event

I actually miss not seeing everybody's enthusiasm on January 9, 2021 in person saying, Hempy New Year! and showing something new & unique, this year would have been hemp plastics. But if we missed you or you have pictures of us or you at our booth, please share them with me and us. Thank you - SPH - Head Hempzel.


More Fans of Hemp

Best way to get to the farmers is through there stomach I've been told. Here Brady & friends have learned about hemp and the economic and earthly benefits and oh yes, they like the mustard and gave a shout out to Wegman's who have it in a majority of their stores..

Chef Nick!

He has made a major transformation when you get to his restaurant. We are going to connect 2021-2-3 with the new webplatform. We are excited to see Chef Nick in 2022. Shout out to all our chef friends, we are getting Food Service Ready.


Ambassador Michelle

Long time supporter of the cause and of Hempzels our local friend from Harrisburg helps keep me going with her orders of pretzels, mustard and more. Help spread the word about what we have to offer, become an Ambassador and join the Hempland Security Team

98th Annual Farm Show

I met Jim Stark right after meeting Les his brother, no relation to Craig Stark - Jim went on adventure vending to West Virginia, Wormtown Mass, and plenty of events around Lancaster and Harrisburg before he went back to full time work elsewhere. Great memories - good friends..


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