Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard 

Exported from Lancaster County Pennsylvania - Good Stuff!


Fan's will tell you

"Deli Style" yes "Our Mustard Bites Back and mellows with age" What a great way to compliment a hemp soft pretzel with an excellent Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard. Exported from Lancaster County PA,  distributed by a few small regional channels or shipped directly to you. Listen to our customers at the Farm Show, Gourmet Food shows, Beef festivals - it's unique & top notch. 

Wonderful flavor, just the right balance of heat and flavor, Recipe friendly - sold in 90% of Wegman's & some regional stores.

Wholesale Distribution

Made in batches of 400 cases at a time. 12-18 month plus shelf life.         

42 Cases Per Pallet Layer / 7 layers deep / FOB Lancaster cold storage.

Slot and order today, 30 day lead time.

5 lb box weight; Wholesale - 9 box maximum per case shipped Fedex.

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Request a Batch of Mustard

Point of Purchase Display

Great Way to offer our Mustard


Hempzel Mustard - Point of Purchase Display.
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Brokers & Sales people

My former brokers said I needed a point of purchase display to get into Redners, and potentially other larger customers. Lisa Montgomery was the sales rep for formally All Size Box & packaging & she had been calling on me for years. I moved forward regardless of whether we had the "big" accounts & now we have 450 units available for our mustard, holding 36 bottles plus. 

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Export To Canada

We tried years ago and the timing wasn't right, maybe 2021 will be the time. 

Exporting once we have new labeling complete in the proper format for export to Canada. Interested?