All NaturalNine jars of Fruit and hemp jams with one jar of Hempeanut Buter in the middle with hemp fabric background.

Our Hemp Nut-less Butter & HEMPeanut Butter nothing better than complimenting it with a fruit first jam.

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Brown jar with gold lid filled with Hemp Peanut Butter tilted.

HEMPeanut Butter

Locally producedd in York, PA.

  • USA Shelled Hemp Hearts First

  • Roasted Peanuts Next

  • 1.5% Coconut Sugar

  • Simple Ingredients

  • Sea Salt last

  • recipe friendly

  • Protein & Fiber

Jams Selections

Three jars two bottom one on top bright yellow orange pineapple hemp jam jars.

High Protein Hearts

Our goal is to have it grown locally the largest hemp seed to roast or split & use the hearts 

  • First ingredient in Hempeanut Butter 8oz & 1 oz

  • Nut-less spread 8oz & 1 oz

  • Raw Shelled Hemp Seed

  • 18gms protein per 2 oz serving

  • Can create a dairy free milk

  • Used in our jams, soft pretzels, mustard, granola bars, baklava.

Glass jars apricot hemp jams close up of three jars lined up.

Locally sourced Apricots when in season, produced in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and exported by the jar, case or pallet - available Wholesale.

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