Our Hemp Nut-less Butter & HEMPeanut Butter nothing better than complimenting it with a fruit first jam.

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HEMPeanut Butter

Locally producedd in York, PA.

  • USA Shelled Hemp Hearts First

  • Roasted Peanuts Next

  • 1.5% Coconut Sugar

  • Simple Ingredients

  • Sea Salt last

  • recipe friendly

  • Protein & Fiber

Jams Selections

Raspberry Jam

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Pineapple Hemp Jam

Obviously we don't grow Pineapples in Lancaster Pennsylvania but we have access to the best & make a great jam, 

  • Fruit First

  • Vegan Raw Cane Sugar

  • Raw Shelled Hemp Seed

  • Protein & Fiber

  • Great Compliment to our HEMPeanut Butter or 

  • 100% Nutless Butter

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Apricot Hemp Jam

Locally sourced Apricots when in season, produced in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and exported by the jar, case or pallet - available Wholesale.

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