Chemurgy From The Farmers Field

Conversion of plant based materials specifically cannabis hemp into renewable plastics either PLA based for hard lasting plastics that are value added with hemp or bio degradable plant based. 

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Energy from the fields

True cannabis hemp is energy in many different forms. I have the utmost respect for all aspects of the plant. As a whole plant person the goal has to been "free the seed" and it has hempened. Now vs getting caught up in hemp "flower" now is the time to focus on industrial hemp for graphene, concrete, composites, fuel, fiber and energy.

Energy for Engines

3 Months before 9-11 I helped give direction to a group of activist who wanted to show the USA that hemp seed bio-diesil could power a vehicle. More joint ventures are needed with the farmers in Lancaster County.

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Above ground vs underground

Our Government and Agriculture was behind this in the the early 20th century before getting coopted by the ease of petro dollars. It's time to empower farmers - join our network.


We are ready for 2021

Thanks to our elected representatives for working towards removing restrictions from growing industrial hemp. It is time now to tie everything together for industry here in Lancaster County and the region.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.



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