Chemurgy From the Farmers Fields

Anything that can be made from a hydrocarbon can be produced from a carbohydrate - hemp hemp hooray.

Less Petroleum with hemp biomass included - ditto construction materials - tree substitutes

Hempy Scoop Shovel farmer inspired from Lancaster Pennsylvania

Energy from the fields

True cannabis hemp is energy in many different forms. I have the utmost respect for all aspects of the plant. As a whole plant person the goal has been to "free the seed" and it has hempened. So vs getting caught up in hemp "flower" now is the time to focus on industrial hemp for graphene, concrete, composites, fuel, fiber and energy and included in PLASTICS!

Cars driven on hemp bio diesel fuel 3 months before 9-11

Energy for Engines

July 2001 - 3 Months before Sept 11th I helped give direction to a group of environmentalist cannabis activist who wanted to prove that a Mercedes Benz could run 10,000 miles on hemp seed bio-diesel.  It did 13,000 miles and the 2nd stop on that tour was Lancaster County Pennsylvania. View the news.

black and white add of test tube man holding fork over fields in front of city

Above ground vs underground

Our Government and Agriculture was championing in the the early 20th century energy from the farmers fields. Petro dollars changed that tune.

Now is the time to empower farmers - join our network.


Wrapped Up 2020-1-2-3 = 2024?

Thanks to our elected representatives for working towards removing    restrictions from growing industrial hemp. It is time now to tie everything together for industry here in Lancaster County and the region.

We are hempy to have helped make it a reality but there is more to accomplish as laws & restrictions are repealed prohibiting the free market to work it's magic with industrial hemp..

Accolades to Senator Mike Regan from York County PA. He's helping to end the war on Cannabis.

HEMPY's® Agent

We are hempy to represent Forest Hills Manufacturing we offer:


  • Created with a propreitary formulation of hemp

  • superior strenghth & durability

  • environmentally friendly (decarbonize your shovel)

  • Sourced in the USA

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Exported from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  • Wholesale sold in 6 packs or by the pallet

  • 96 Shovels Per Pallet - Can Mix Match

  • 47.5"  or 51.5" - two sizes with our without the wearguard.

Pennsylvania farm show display our 17th year booth 109 showing Henry Ford hemp & Lancaster shovels

Hemp Fiber Cellulose

Hempzel's™ Hemphrisbee's

25% less plastic with hemp cellulose - produced in the USA we are happy to have them in hand to ship out,  Keep in mind we'll have these at the Pennsylvania Farm Show 2022 booth 109..

CEO Shawn House of the Lancaster Trading House, Inc holding up examples of carbon negative frisbees
Albatwitch is one event in Columbia PA that introduces consumers to hemp and one way is frisbees

One of a kind

While they last -

Our Focus Hemp Grain

Industrial hemp seed grain converted into flour is used in our line of sourdough & soft pretzels. Something we can produce in large volumes.

Higher Protein Soft Pretzels = hemp protein = Hempzels(tm) .

The Original Hemp Pretzel

Soft Pretzels Shop


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