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We Trust This Farmer

In today's supply chain management we like to know where the products go and they actually are as single sourced as possible. Enjoy CBD From Farmer Steve in our new Exclusive Hemp N Heat Herbal Rub - and Garlic Hemp Salve.

Cedar Meadow CBD Steve Groff, wife Cheri and grandson stand side by side with amish in background and cedar meadow farms sign in back.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Grown Processed Packaged CBD - hemp flower vs our traditional hemp seed flour we've been using over the past 20 plus years.  Grown on no til soil, regenerative agriculture - top of the line Cannabis Hemp Oil the cream of the crop.

All good, all legal - Distillates 400mg - 600 mg Full Spectrum for human consumption and created and flavored for pets the same up to 1200mg Single Source THC Free & Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

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August 21,22 2024

Field Day - Hemp at Cedar Meadows Farms, Lancaster, County.
We'll be set up with Hemp Pretzels, Mustard, Shovels & more.

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Young Steve Groff stands in his field of Kenaf in Lancaster Newspaper Article.

The Farm Connection

Rumor had it years ago somebody was growing hemp - but know it was kenaf - So Steve Groff / Red Rose / No Til Fame and Shawn met prior when he came to our first Pubic Hemp Yoder's Restaurant event in 1998, we connected through his graciousness to let me set up a place for Kellie & Grayson Ziegler to start another part of their 13,000 mile journey on hemp bio diesel fuel  - Steve was growing Kenaf / looked like hemp kind of - since than he's pursued the farming & knowledge base of working with true Cannabis Hemp and he is now part of the LTH network - find out more what the Hemp Car was all about.

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It's ultimately about quality of life and the difference between pets & humans is you'll see the difference when something is working.

Bacon or Tuna

Cats / Dogs & Horses

Image of NataliesChoice woman running on hemp seed with garlic image & cannabis images.

Garlic You Know Its Good & Enriched.

Our ancestors knew the benefit of garlic and this traditional herbal salve has the added benefit of deep penetration through Lancaster County Cedar Meadow Farms CBD 400mg per bottle.




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An Old Formulation You Gotta Try

What do you get when you have 90,000 sku of Cayanne herbs, organic crytal menthol & more - Available Wholesale or Retail Direct.

4 Acre Hemp A=Amaze

Steve has become very experienced with the CBD side of hemp flower and now over the years. HIs no till natural farming method is why we trust the end product in our NataliesChoice product line.

2022 we are looking forward to some large hemp seed and his industrial hemp variety for a possible 2022 Hemp Maze..

In 2021 they started a Hemp Maze -  Saturday September 4th - with hemp foods, hemp education, beverages & on a beautiful no til farm in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, Holtwood to be exact.

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Lancaster County's Hemp Innovator Steve Groff & Family may do it in 2022?