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Cannabis hemp ties this network together.

Relationships Network at work.

Everyone I am involved with for one reason or another has started with an idea a handshake and than I tried to push it in motion. Yes - many times to far ahead of the curve but I am a believer everything hempens for a reason and not always on my time schedule. Thanks to people who have crossed my path in this journey to restore common sense and liberty into true cannabis hemp. The journey isn't over. The network will expand as the market changes and consumers demand more sustainable renewable crops in their world - hemp is my priority.. 


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Company team

Founder Shawn House

Founder and CEO/CVO - "this business was created through sure will & determination. The time is now to create the team & raise the Capital in 2022-3 that will propel the company to the top"

Steve Logethetis: Councilaire

Hempzels LLC was formed 12/2004.            Now retired:Owner of Hemp Basics / Hemp Supply NJ one of my trusted advisors. Hemp Fiber Expert Available Consultations.

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Hanover spelled Backwards

1997 - Our first and oldest bakery partner. One of four ovens in the USA doing it the old fashioned way. Hand Rolled, Stone Hearth Baked, Kiln Dried and hand packed. Great tasting crunchy sourdough, the Original Hemp Pretzel.

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Dutch Country Foods

Our Second oldest baking Partner since 1999. The great tasting Lancaster County Soft Pretzel now using US grown Hemp Seed, Flour, Oil in a premium soft hemp pretzel "Hempzels" .

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Uncle Henry's Bakery

Another great relationship with the family who is creating our 2nd type of Sourdough Hemp Pretzel - Available Manufacture On Demand.

Produced in 100 lb batches

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Cold Storage / 3rd Party 2000

We've had a great relationship with a family owned frozen / cold storage for logistics of our raw hemp, frozen pretzels and other refrigerated frozen products.

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Cannabis Museum  2021
We are proud to be offering historical True Cannabis Hemp Artifacts printed on a variety of media for your Dispensary, Hemp stores and your private collection. Shop

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ACN; Amish Cannabis Network

 We are hempy to work with the industrious Amish Community for quality manufacturing. Condiments to shovels - it's hempening.
Authorized Agent:  

  NataliesChoice™ topicals to tinctures
. HEMPY's® broker / distributor.


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Canadian Now USA 

We have been working with hemp processor in Canada since 1998. Presently we are sourcing 99% of our hemp from US Processors and happy to work with Victory Hemp Foods.

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HEMP Emphasis Beverages

BC - 2019 we connected and have blossomed to hempily wholesale / distribute the all natural lines of Hemp Extract Juices / Teas, bottled & kegged available. 

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RSW Compliment Us 2019

We are happy to be working with another regional small artisan shop for CannaFizz distribution and marketing. Pretzels need a beverage and this is a good start.

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Ceadow Meadow Farms

Steve and I connected when he allowed HempCar onto his farm on July 2001. Now in 2020-1-2-3 I was happy to have him address farmers at Yoders and now supply us with quality CBD Flower for our production lines.  SHOP

Company team

Puzzled - 

We found a winner creating a line of historical cannabis hemp tinctures, pharmacopia, apothecary, botany and the cultures past & present enjoying plants, cannabis and more.


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