Original Sourdough hemp by Revonah

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Bags of 8oz Sourdough Original Crunchy Pretzels On Rack

"Original" Sourdough

Started in 1997 - a blend of hearts & hemp flour / Organic Brown Rice Flour. 8oz bags  Approximately 8 to 9 hand made pretzels per bag; Ingredients:     Unbleached wheat flour, hemp flour,     organic brown flour, hemp seed, yeast, salt & soda. No Preservatives 1 of 4      bakery's doing it the old fashioned way in the USA

Ralph Amato CEO of No Problem Inc, with  Don Riese & Mark Tucci approached Revonah.

At the Bakery in 2000.

Clarification - I do not own the bakery. This is where Ralph Amato helped start the Original Hemp Pretzel - Hempzels(tm). 

We've won awards, were held up to defy authority from 2000-2004 when Hemp Foods could have been banned for good. Your business keeps us  going ; buying online or from the few local businesses that carry our tasty sourdough hemp pretzel. That list will be expanding -

Boxes of Hempzels Sourdough Cases stacked up past flavors Pumpernickel & Garlic

Bake On Demand

It's only 100 lbs to create a batch - 3 week notice is good - fill out the inquiry below to get started.

8oz Hempzel Labeled Bags or 5 lb bulk

18 Bags Per Case   /  10 to 11 cases

42 Cases Per Pallet / 4 Batches

Shelf Life 90-120 days - 

Since 1997
award winning
3 Brown Salted Crunchy Sourdough Hemp Pretzels on display.

Wholesale Available

Yes we have a unique quality old fashioned pretzel that's been "Hempzelized". Available Wholesale but we are no longer baking & waiting for store orders. We want to coordinate and get everyone fresh pretzels around the bake date. 

Request a Bake Date

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