Hanover : Revonah

Our first bakery partner in 1997 - when Ralph & Don & Mark approached Revonah.


At the Bakery

Clarification - I do not own the bakery - I have been working with them since they started with Ralph and No Problem Inc. This is where the Original, Jalapeno & Garlic Sourdough 8oz bags come from.

Bulk Runs are 100lbs are 10-11 cases of 18 bags.

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Original Sourdough

Started in 1997 - we've adapted the formulation from hemp seed meal, to hemp hearts to a blend of hearts & hemp flour - 8oz bags - Unbleached wheat flour, hemp flour, organic brown flour, hemp seed, yeast, salt & soda. 

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Jalapeno Sourdough

Don't think hot or even spicy but almost a buttery flavor & no we use no animal products in any of our Sourdough Pretzels. 8oz bags - 18 per case.

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Garlic Sourdough

Same formulation as our Original flavor with the addition of Garlic - good stuff.

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