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Ambassadors - volunteers - food service request.

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  • Get your wholesale access once you set up your account

  • Place your order and we'll find out if the shipping is correct and we'll send you and invoice to verify the totals & what's due.

  • If you have an account set up terms are possible

  • first time orders we prefer check to credit card

  • Fedex Ground is used - Pallet mixes are possible BUT you need a loading dock location.

  • Pick up available in Lancaster, PA 17602 WITH APPT Only.

  • 30 day notice for products new customers.

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Or business, operation give us some back ground to help us help you. Fill out the questions contact me anytime

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For Stores we'll send you password and sign in information and level of entrance into the nework.


All new customers are required to pre-pay until terms are defined and agreed upon. US Currency, BTC, Gold Silver Species Accepted

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FEDEX GROUND LTL / Commercial & Residential        FOB Lancaster 17601 for pallet pickup. USPS for retail

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FOB Lancaster, PA

Yes - Call first - set up your order for pick up of frozen cases of pretzels or pallets of mustard -

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Hemp N Heat

Ok retailers - you can buy singles but we prefer to ship in 6's or 12's

POP Display is being worked on 

Order 1 Single at distributor price for sample. 

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Food Service Ready

Pretzel Twist, Nuggets, Rods and Braids bulk bagged includes salt packet.


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Hempy(tm) Shovels

Carbon negative stronger than 100% plastic shovels because 25% is hemp bio-plastic that helps strengthen the #12 shovel. .

 Project Inquiries


Friends Family & the Future

Products that you can sell, market or come to an event or hold our own event and get our products. So many ways to network. Find your niche. Beer Festivals, Sea Food Festivals, Eco vents, House Parties, Wellness Events, Open Vending. Talk to your local business person and find out how we can connect and you be the conduit.

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