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Did you miss us at the PA the Annual PA Farm Show Booth 109 - we'll be doing more events this year to promote our new line of True Cannabis Hemp Tinctures & Healing Salves..

NOW ONLY IF you live in and around Lancaster or York, Pennsylvania than delivery can be arranged or you can pick your order up by appointment. 

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Place an order online as a quote & if needed we'll confirm the shipping lower or higher & send you an invoice with a payment link. 

5 Pack NataliesChoice Relief Salves Tinctures Inc Free S/H
209.00 189.95 189.95000000000002 USD
Special Introduction Combination Cannabis 5 pack.
1. HEMP N HEAT 4oz Deep Rub
1. GARLIC HEMP SALVE 4oz Anti-viral
1. HEMP GINGER CINNAMON GOOD SALVE 4oz - Topical Pain relief
1. RELAX / D-Stress / FULL SPECTRUM TINCTURE 2oz / Sublingual Lavender

$209.95 MSRP Will Ship FREE in Continental USA
Pretzel Stix 2oz by Hempzel™ (24 Stix Per Bag)
34.95 39.95 39.95 USD
Soft Pretzel Stix 2 oz to 2.25oz size 24 per bag includes salt bag baked & frozen, shipped Fedex Ground / West Coast? Contact Us First
Soft Hemp Pretzel Swirl or Rollz 4oz Hempzels™ 8 per bag
19.95 19.95 19.95 USD
Our 4oz Swirls packaged 8 in a gold & black soft pretzel bag - shipped cold best Fedex
Traditional Sourdough Hand Rolled Hempzel™ Pretzels
7.89 6.99 6.99 USD
16 oz Hand Rolled Sourdough Traditional Hempzel Pretzels featured at the PA Farm Show. On Sale 1 bag to 8 bags til sold out.
Mustard Hempzels™ Horseradish Hemp & Honey
4.99 4.20 4.2 USD
Our Mustard Bites Back & Mellows with Age - 11.75oz bottle $4.99 MSRP - Online Special $4.20 discount case of 6 - shipped USPS or pick up / deliver within Lancaster / York Pennsylvania.
Hemphrisbee's™ 175gm Hempzels™ Assorted Colors
29.95 29.95 29.95 USD
Super Nice Hemphrisbee's™ 10" round ultimate style 175gm weight made in the USA 25% less Petro - strong re-enforced with 25% hemp fiber cellulose..
Hemp Tincture 2oz Supplement
0.00 36.95 36.95 USD
2oz Organic All Natural Relaxing Hemp Herbal Blend - lavender and more.
Hemp Herbal Blend Tincture 2oz bottle
24.95 29.95 29.95 USD
Relaxing Herbal Full Spectrum Cannabis Hemp Tincture 2oz Bottle / Free Shipping after $49.95 incudes salves
Salve Good Hemp Ginger Cinnamon 4oz Jar
0.00 36.95 36.95 USD
4oz All Natural Organic Great Hemp Salve - Available discounted 1 to 6 jars.
Book-Future Proof Farming
24.95 19.95 19.95 USD
Available in person January 8th through the 15th The Farmer We Trust - Get it signed or we'll drop ship to you.
Garlic Hemp Salve 4oz Glass Jar
54.95 49.95 49.95 USD
Free Shipping of Garlic Salve on orders over $50.00 - Shipping 1 4oz Glass Jar with our Special Garlic Hemp Salve use like a vapor rub on chest, on feet to draw out illness.
Hemp N' Heat Herbal Rub 4oz
0.00 49.95 49.95 USD
This product is GREAT! Better than Tiger Balm 4oz Large Size Jar perfect for the athlete, active person who needs deep penetrating all natural pain relief. 90,000 shu of Cayenne, Arnica Flower, Methol, Peppermeint & much more. Free shipping over $50.00 order.
Raspberry Hemp Jam 8oz
5.69 5.49 5.49 USD
Raspberry Fruit first with raw cane sugar & shelled hemp seeds with pectin 8oz jar - just produced
Hemp "Nut Less" Spread No Sugar 8oz
12.95 10.95 10.950000000000001 USD
100% Hemp Hearts "Nutless" Spread, no sugar, low salt 8oz jar compliments our jams!
Sourdough Original Hempzels™ Pretzels 8oz Bags
4.20 4.20 4.2 USD
Almost sold out - we are shipping 8oz Bags Original Sourdough Hemp Pretzels discounted 1 to 6 bags.
HEMPeanut Butter 8 oz jars
11.95 9.95 9.950000000000001 USD
HEMPeanut Butter, low sugar, low salt, higher protein spread 8oz glass jar.
Apricot Hemp Jam 8oz Retail / Wholesale Direct
5.79 6.25 6.25 USD
Apricot Hemp Jam - Fruit first locally sourced in season with hemp hearts, glass jar, discounted 3 to 12 jars
Pineapple Hemp Jammin jam 8oz Glass Jar
6.00 6.25 6.25 USD
Delicious Pineapple Hemp Jams 8oz Glass Jars
Steve Groff for Pet's Tuna or Bacon hemp extract
45.00 45.00 45.0 USD
Lancaster County Single Sourced Steve Groff farmed CBD for pets / humans 600mg / 30ml / two flavors pick Tuna or Bacon
Trio Special  Mustard, Sweet Garlic and Pepper Jam
14.95 12.99 12.99 USD
3 top sellers $13.00. Sweet & Spicy Pepper Jam, and Sweet Garlic Jam & Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard just made.

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