Past & Present Events

Fun over the years documenting the hemp hustle.

Odoo • Image and Text

August 20-21, 2024

Cedar Meadow Farms, Lancaster County we'll be set up at Steve Groff's Farm for his Industrial Hemp Weekend.

We'll have one of a kind items & look forward to chatting with you.

AC Beerfest

April 2024

After 2 years we are back inside for the annual beer fest - smaller this year with only two of us manning the booth - thanks Brendan.

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PA Farm Show 2024

Cycling through elements

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October 2023 Food Show

Valley Forge / Philadelphia

A great way to share the hemp story and our product lines fit right in, -

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Alba-twitch Event 2023

October 2023 - Full Rain Day !

Still a good annual event we'll be set up again..

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Higher protein soft pretzels for your venue or event.

Past Hemp

Activism Education Awareness

Stand up speak out and be a part of the paradigm shift. A few memories

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Past Shows
Invited / Participated Made a difference

Rolling Rock Town Fair, Mother Earth News, Faire Festival, Earth Day, 

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