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Our pretzels should be at your event - we have them food service ready.

Alantic City Good Times! 


H - E - M - P - Z - E - L -S


Jon Henderson Thanks

Promoter Jon Henderson of the AC Celebration of the Suds, AC Tattoo Festival can vouch for our pretzels - he's helped us over the years in more ways than one. We are looking forward to Atlantic city April 2010 (canceled) - 2021 outdoors / we backed out this year. 2022! YES! 

We are promoting responsible drinking with our higher protein hemp pretzels - prosit!

Hemp Pretzel Necklace

We started creating our Sourdough Hempzels™ pretzel necklaces to help promote responsible drinking. Our ambassadors where on the floor helping our customers have a fun time. See you 2021 - Get your tickets - Join us.

Beer festivals, wine festivals, any festival deserves a premium pretzel


Hempy To Oblige

Premium ale deserve premium pretzels and we are grateful to participate many times in Atlantic city and the Pocono's - 2021 we won't be there and are sad but 2022 if it's indoors we are there!



Booth & Fans and Beer Can't Beat It

3 Sessions happen - Friday night 6pm to 10pm than we wrap up, clean up, head to a motel down the black or white horse pike and come back Saturday morning 12-4pm than 6 to 10pm with VIP in between. Than we pack up and drive home. Intense but well worth it.

- AC Beerfest is hempening 2022 for us!

Bizarre AC Horror Festival Fans

Odoo • Image and Text
Slasher Authors
Booth Horrorfest

Seafood Festival

Another Jon Henderon Production

During the summer we came out to Hempzelize the crowds - a few memories if you have pictures of our booth or my teams in action please contact me.

- CBD Sodas!


Tattoo  Expo



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