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Lancaster Trading House, Inc.
130 Hellam St
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Wrightsville PA 17368
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Being small has it's advantages and disadvantages, It is important to roll with the punches while keeping the pretzels rolling. .The focus beyond baking on demand is Chemurgy and developing more advances in true cannabis hemp technology. Investment and history.

Young bearded customer stands in front of PA Farm Show booth with mustard and Shawns parents helping him.

2023 Events 

As we wrap up 2020=1-2 and move into 2023 the focus on the new webplatform expansion and local retail means we've decreased the amount of events we are going to do in 2023.

100+ conferences
2,000+ attendees
Hemp Farmer on cutter that is being pulled by two horses with the owner of the field standing by the driver.

Know Your Canna History 

History CatEgory 

Sharing our hemp history and now working together with the Cannabis Museum to market their vast collection of Historical hemp.