A New Direction 2023-4-5 Pivot

The Network lines have been laid for years, pieces to this puzzle have taken root.

Your Business gets us closer to the goal. 

Products brochure with mini images of products sold or represented now or in the past.

Retail Direct

The focus is getting our product direct to you whether it's limited local delivery near Lancaster, PA or shipped USPS best way or Fedex. 2022-3-4 and through our first retail opening in Wrightsville, PA August/Sept 2022. 

Cases of Hempzels Mustard on a pallet along with hemp flour in 50lb bags stacked in cold storage.

Wholesale Direct

The traditional channels have been barriers and supply chains are changing. Presently we are not set up for DSD  but we can set up a laundry list for your staff to securely order through our portal - scheduling production runs and more to come 202-3=4.

Cold Storage warehouse roll up doors showing four without any trucks lined up.

Pick Up Appointment

For traditional distribution channels we offer FOB pick up at our third party cold / frozen storage in Lancaster, FOB 17602..

Pallet Pick up for raw materials, finished product and transition from bakeries to your fleet. 

Tell us about your DSD network

2024-5 Yes Retail Concession 

Yup the new twist to making things work - building a franchiseable model.

2021 More Joint Venture 

I first started working with Don E. Wirtshafter in the early 1990's selling his Ohio Hempery Line of Lotions, Soaps, Educational materials, hemp seed and more. Guess what? We are happy to have his company in our Network offering a unique line of Pharmacopia, Drug Store Ephemera. Great pieces to compliment your Cannabis Dispensary, Hemp Store, Agricultural Operation. Printed On Canvas or other materials for archival purpose - Never Forget.

Ambassador Lazlo holds up hot soft pretzel swirl in his red t-shirt in front of the Hempzels booth.


Many have come through helping learning and earning. Our customers are enthusiastic and if you'd like to get our product than contact them. The markets are changing so maybe you are starting a business and can use our products - become an ambassador and we'll see how we can create a win win relationship.

Wrestler Gene Snitsky posed in shorts flexing muscles & written autographed best pretzels ever.

Social Media Team

This has been a one man operation for years with friends and family and network relationships with promotors, producers and suppliers - you can help us by spreading the word on our new site!

Advertisment for chemury, giant cartoon beeker with arms holding pitch fork with fields and city in background.

Chemurgy - Energy

That's been the mission since day one. Empowering the farmers while creating opportunities for healthier, more sustainable products from the field vs single source petro / monopolization. 

Bright pink corner booth at the york fair, 12 round Hempzel seats, counter top & ready for business.

Franchise / Partners?

I set up two years at the annual York Fair with actual seating, it looked good, we had a unique menu but unfortunately the people weren't going through as the Fairgrounds had been in decline for a few years, do it's now been stripped down & relocated for Wrightsville, PA Spring of 2021 at the Concession Trailer with outdoor seating - We have the pretzels, the beverages, the sweets and the variety - plus something many don't have, a great story and growing network.  Stay Tuned, No Rush.


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