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After Getting Asked About Hemp I like to turn the cameras on the interviewers

It's gotta start somewhere.

This article triggered my meeting first Ralph Amato of No Problem Inc who originally was the owner of "Hempzels" and than                                       Les Stark now of Keystone Cannabis Coalition......my booth was the "Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Association"

Black and white newspaper article All Natural with Shawn House in vest showing hemp fibers to attendee.
Going To Connect the rest of the article.

It was time to have an event

Events over the years brought together more opportunities to work together or learn and move on

Headline of the Lancaster Newspaper with giant hemp leaf & farmers in 1999 showing interest.
Link Page to Hemp Event 1999.

Pequea Silver Mine Hemp Fest

I met Debbie Frantz when I was calling on Community Natural Food Store in their old location. When I organized the Lancaster Hemp Project the best way to attract the media was with food, Debbie now at It's Only Natural on Front Street in Lititz hosted it for me.

Black & White newpaper with photograph of woman Debbie Franz standing next to husband with hemp foods.
Check out the Event Page for the Pequa Silver Mine Hemp Project.

2007 Fox 43 News

They came to the bakery in Hanover that has produced our Sourdough Hemp Pretzels since the late 1990's. One of 4 bakeries left in the US making pretzels the old fashioned way, stone hearth baked, kiln dried, hand packed.

Revonah Pretzel Bakery Partner - Hanover spelled backwards.

In the LA Times Hemp Ban?

After purchasing the business assets from Ralph at No Problem Inc I inherited a bump in the road 4 years worth.

Color scanned image of Los Angeles time article showing our Hemp Sourdough Hard Pretzel on piel.
Visit the Page and learn what the Government was trying to do.

Common Sense

Mike Nixson of Talos4 had a program in York Pennsylvania that dealt with many issues and he had me on as a guest to discuss hemp in 2010. Enjoy - 

WPXI Pittsburgh 2011

Farm To Table At the Convention Center David Lawerence 

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.


Got the Munchies? Classic

History destroyed the narrative, the 1000's who walked by the booth found out & got Hempzelized.

Owner Shawn House holding soft pretzel swirl with image of author of magazine article from Berks County.
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SB 50 2015 Industrial Hemp

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Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.


ABC 27 Staging The

Reporters coming to my former office at 714 Manor St in Columbia to ask my opinion about how these Senators are going to change what I've been doing - I loved to ask them if they learned anything.

Feel Free to contact me for an appointment.

Kendra - how did it go?

After she did the segment I needed to ask her a few questions.



Lancaster Cannabis

A Rally that Les Stark of Keystone Cannabis Coalition put together to raise the awareness, so Channel WGAL talked to me. Summer 2014

Learn more about hour history in Lancaster county and the USA

Kendra - how did it go?

After she did the segment I needed to ask her a few questions.


How Quickly Things Can Change

So from 2000- 2004 I had been a signature not a financier of the suit to stop the DEA from trying to enact law through the Federal Registry vs Congress as all Constitutional laws are created. This is one of many.


Justin From Channel 8

Knock knock whose there - hello I'm with channel such and such and we'd like your opinion and yes I'm happy to share it with anyone willing to listen, it's a great story, working on a hempy ending. 

Shawn P. House 2016

Libertarian State Chair in Pennsylvania and this was an interview done for Congressional Candidate.

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Dairy Farmers & Hemp

Industrial hemp offers potential and risk for struggling Lancaster County dairy farmers


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2024 Podcast

The story has gotten longer and now my first official podcast where CEO Shawn House discusses how the company was formed, the ups and downs in a new but old hemp industry.

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