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It's a Vision Quest - since the early 1990's check out the his-tory.

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The Journey is not over, the foundation is being laid, the story will continue as the world continues to change. Consultations, joint ventures, networking, speaking. Find out more today.


Shawn P. House

CEO Lancaster Trading House, Inc, Head Hempzels™

It's been a long journey advocating for true cannabis hemp and it's revival. Shawn has been brutally honest in his perspective to legislators and the media over the past 25 years, ditto business owners, advocates and dreamers about what he is hoping to accomplish and leave as his legacy to creating jobs, protecting the environment and buying American hemp, grown, processed, value added products for the 21st century.

Hempzel's™ debut-history.

  • RIP Ralph Amato former CEO & President of No Problem, Inc. He financed and friends Mark Tucci of RYO & Muse "Uncle Don" Riese

  • Working with friends in Jamaica Ian and his wife Tamica were hand batiking hemp clothe that Ralph had local Mennonite ladies custom sew outfits.

  • Finding hemp seed meal the first hemp pretzels were created in Uncle Don's kitchen in York PA by his wife Jane.

  • The recipe changed with the introduction of shelled hemp seed thanks to Hemp Pioneer Richard Rose The Original Hemp Nut.

  • Over coming the ban on hemp foods, the financial collapse, creating a family and advocating for full decriminalization of Cannabis hemp this About page will highlight the history-our story about creating jobs, protecting the environment and growing Lancaster County Hemp. 

Fast forward to 2022 and everything is changing but our mission is still the same, contract with our farmers, work with our partners, expand the network, develop more applications for True Cannabis Hemp whether agricultural / industrial or medicinal. We recognize & respect the whole plant. January 2022 will kick of the Chemurgy show at he PA Farm Show.

 Pretzel Awards  Contact us

The mission remains the same 1-800-USE-HEMP in the USA..

 For over 25 years it's been Hemp flour, seed, oil for pretzels = "Hempzels". 

2021 it's expanded as Farm To Bottle Pennsylvania sourced cannabis hemp flower for healing salves & tinctures.

                        2022 - 2023 for Industrial hemp fiber textiles like HempVest or strengthening plastic for                                 Hemphrisbee's™ & HEMPY'S™ Scoop Shovels  (decarbonizing plastic tools)

Hempzels(tm) Make Their Debut

Hempzel's™ His-tory

Just Say Know Campaign A Life's Journey

10/12/2022 - This is still being filled in!

April 1997 in the Newspaper Lancaster ACRES USA vending 


Ralph Amato makes the Lancaster Newspaper when he starts Hempzels 


April 1997 in the Newspaper Lancaster ACRES USA vending 


Ralph Amato makes the Lancaster Newspaper when he starts Hempzels 


1998 Lancaster County Pequea Silver Mine Project the day before -

...Pre-911 venturing up to Canada to see the hempfields

...Jim Stark Hemp Historian & Shawn House at the Hempola Farm in Canada.

Hemp Event Dinner - The day before the Pequea     Silver Mine Hemp Fest.


..Dinner & Hemp History nod

Newspapers proclaiming hemp foods banned!  

Ban Hemp Foods - 2000-2004

Filings - Papers - 

Thanks To Ronnie Harper of Fifth Estate Fame for Videotaping this on Steve Groffs Farm 3 months before 911.




..Hempzels(tm) in LA Times when DEA Was trying to "ban" hemp foods

Les Stark shows the attendees the old fashioned way with a hemp brake. 



Wormtown Mass Music Fest bust / 3 days before 911

Sept 11, 2001 - 


...aHempcar.org came from VA to PA and did 13,000 miles in hemp bio-diesel

.Lancaster News Paper Documenting Hempcar

Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels ---Anderson Pretzels produced our Hempzels(tm) Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets


Gourmet Food Shows Valley Forge / Lancaster 

Gourmet Food Shows Hempzels(tm)  

Vended at the first Rolling Rock Town Fair Event Anderson Pretzels produced our Hempzels(tm) Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets


The July 27, 2002 show included  Godsmack Outkast Nickelback P.O.D. Alien Ant Farm Sevendust Default Injected , [1]  and  Tommy Le





2004 content to add - hightlights - changes- 


..Incorporate as Lancaster Trading House, Inc. - 

Start of NataliesChoice - Nut Butter, Baklava -


January - 2005 - Pennsylvania Farm Show - In through Food Service Contract -Introducing Soft Hemp Pretzels - Sourdough Pretzels in 10oz Bags -  


..PA Farm Show Start of the first hemp booth - introduction of Sourdough Hempzels and lots of history.

...Lancaster Newspaper 2005 documenting hemp at the PA Farm Show

Hemp Baklava See Products Past


2006 -2nd year at the PA Farm Show t.

Interview on "Shark for Lunch" Mike of Talos4

2007 Interview at the Revonah Pretzel Bakery the "Original" -


2008 / Hightlights - Peanut Butter Hemp Pretzel Nuggetz - Anderson Pretzels





2009 - Highlights events - 


Fairy Festival Chris from Kimberton Whole Foods a former customer.


In the Old Warehouse in Columbia PA Natlie shows me she can pull in the pretzels. 



 Asked to Speak at Freedom Palooza 2012



Glenside Farmer's Market With Hemp Seed






2012 Les Stark takes us on a tour of the booth..



 Atlantic City Gourmet Food Show - thanks to Brian for the Professional taping & thanks to Chef Guy Mitchell.



 2013 After Another Event with Promotor John Henderson of Good Time Tricyle Productions. 


October 2013 Hell's Kitchen Winner Loves our Mustard.



 Speaking at the Keystone Cannabis Rally in Harrisburg, PA on April - keep in mind I had just driven in from Michigan having participated in a Cannabis Fest ahead of Pennsylvania. 



Being Interviewed in my old HQ's on Manor St in Columbia, PA.



 Central Penn Business Journal 2015 - Picture from ABC News Harrisburg, PA - Old Columbia PA HQ's. ABC News came to my Columbia HQ to ask questions

PA Farm Show on the Radio Berks County


 Lancaster County businessman Shawn Patrick House wants to believe the latest legislative effort to legalize hemp farming in Pennsylvania will succeed.

But he’s been fighting long enough to know it’s probably a long shot. Under Senate Bill 50 — introduced by Sens. Judy Schwank (D-Berks) and Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon) — the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp would be allowed as part of a research program at a college or university.

“It is just an opportunity for our farmers to keep their land and to grow a profitable crop,” said House, who produces hemp-based products.

The potential profits are significant.

Canadian farmers are reporting net profits of $200 to $250 per acre of hemp, the Agricultural Marketing Resource Board reported. U.S. Department of Agriculture data puts 2014 profits from an acre of corn or soybeans at $365 and $288, respectively.

An Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development report estimates gross revenue for Canadian hemp seed production between $30.75 million and $34 million. In 2010, exports of Canadian hemp seed and hemp products were valued at more than $10 million.

The obvious hurdle is perception, of course. Hemp is the distant sister of cannabis, although supporters say hemp has none of marijuana’s mind-altering qualities.

“Industrial hemp does not have a psychoactive effect. The THC level is less than 0.03 percent,” Folmer said. “Misconceptions are withholding Pennsylvania from an opportunity for our agricultural and business industries to thrive.”

Given the legal go-ahead, farmers could benefit from the demand for hemp in products ranging from paper to fuel and clothing to biodegradable plastics, said Schwank, Democratic chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee.

The federal 1937 Marijuana Tax Act restricted industrial hemp production. In 1970, the Controlled Substances Act made hemp illegal, although the 2014 Farm Bill loosened production restrictions.

“We need to get on board with this,” Schwank said during a recent conference call. “After all, 200 years ago it was a pretty prominent crop in Pennsylvania.”

PA Farm Show on the Radio Berks County



2016 - House 2 Congress Campaign

Politically active Shawn is the Libertarian Candidate for the 16th Congressional District Challenging Lloyd Smucker, who is still the elected representative.


State Rep Eric Neslon at the booth .



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PA FARM SHOW January 2017  

June 2017 Hemp Seed is being planted                     

Rick Kunkle Master Brewer with his version of Hemp N Ale


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2016 - House 2 Congress Campaign

Politically active Shawn is the Libertarian Candidate for the 16th Congressional District Challenging Lloyd Smucker, who is still the elected representative.


Pennsylvania Farm Show 2016 -


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At Groff's Farm 2020 Set up Hemp Museum



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Hemp Bio Plastics - HEMPY

Look whose making shovels in Lancaster County Steve Groff held it up - I knew that company - I introduced them to hemp information in 2006. An Amish Farmer I met 15 years ago produces a shovel reinforced with Hemp Fiber


American Hemp Flour & USA Hemp Flour Used in Increasing the protein in their bread as we've acompished with our Hempzels(tm) soft Pretzels. July 11, 2022



...Bodano is hemp in Afghanistan so hemp pretzels to hemp bread

Afghanistans liked the flavor too!

Higher Protein Hemp Bread In Afghanistan flour provided from USA


...Courageous Conversation In Media, PA 10/10/2022 Owner Shawn House & panel with Senator Tom Kearsey, Ann & Jerry.


January 7th - 14th 2023 PA Farm Show.


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2005 - 2015 Pennsylvania Farm Show Memories.

Best way to sow seeds of knowledge & change an attitude about hemp.

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Lancaster County the  #1 non irrigated farming area in the whole USA.

Please Understand with this new industry should come restitution to those who have suffered from this criminal War on the Cannabis Hemp Plant thus the continued call louder to  #AbolishTheDEA.

GE was a broad network of energy companies - ADM started with flax seed - The Lancaster Trading House, Inc is the portal creating a team & resources since it's always been about the hemp seed. This network continues creating the infrastructure from Pennsylvania outward. Where is our six degrees of separation? Let's get it going 2022-3-4.


PA Preferred working to grow hemp & use it since joining