The Lancaster Trading House, Inc is the home of Hempzels(tm) Pretzels & NataliesChoice(tm) true hemp brands.

Consisting of a network of bakeries, cold storage, manufacturers working to help create the industrial hemp re-evolution of this ancient crop. Starting with hemp grains, flour in our pretzel lines, hearts to develop a dairy free ice cream with CoolHemp(tm). The "Just Say Know" campaign has been at work since the early 1990's. The Cornerstone is our high protein soft pretzel line which should be licensed and distributed world wide.

2024 it's time to Capitalize on the opportunity with this 5th rotation crop, industry changing plant, true Cannabis hemp.

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Pennsylvania Focused Foundation

, The foundation has been laid, the farmers have put their focus on Cannabis now they need a reason & ours is for grains, milled for our line of pretzels, butters and more..

Hemp Flour to Flower - Fiber to Oil

Shawn standing in cannabis field holding a hemp flowering with hemp grain in the daylight

1990's The Adventure Begins in Canada

30 years of experience advocating - selling - creating - leading; a Hempentrepreneur -  Pennsylvania Lancaster County Strong. 

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Global Vision

True Cannabis Hemp

The Lancaster Trading House, Inc. in 2005

Hempzels(tm)  Since 1997

NataliesChoice(tm) - 2005

Consulting - Principal

25 plus years ago a journey in hemp was started, I might just be the Forrest Gump of Hemp. This vision-quest started with  Hemp Plus Pretzels = "Hempzels™", pretzels to mustards flour to flower focusing on chemurgy from true Cannabis hemp.
It's quite a story and it's still hempening. The goal ; solidify a position in the cannabis hemp industry, building a franchise with synergy partners.    "BE UNDENIABLE" Thanks Joe Rogan! I'm trying!"

 Shawn P. House  • CEO of Lancaster Trading House, Inc.

Hempzel's™ His-tory

Just Say Know Campaign A Life's Journey

5/1/2024 stepping back to assess what's next.

Hempzel's™ debut-history.

  • RIP Ralph Amato former CEO & President of No Problem, Inc. He financed and friends Mark Tucci of RYO & Muse "Uncle Don" Riese

  • Working with friends in Jamaica Ian and his wife Tamica were hand batiking hemp clothe that Ralph had local Mennonite ladies custom sew outfits.

  • Finding hemp seed meal the first hemp pretzels were created in Uncle Don's kitchen in York PA by his wife Jane.

  • The recipe changed with the introduction of shelled hemp seed thanks to Hemp Pioneer Richard Rose The Original Hemp Nut.

  • Over coming the ban on hemp foods, the financial collapse, creating a family and advocating for full decriminalization of Cannabis hemp this About page will highlight the history-our story about creating jobs, protecting the environment and growing Lancaster County Hemp. 

Fast forward to 2023 into 2024 and everything is changing but our mission is still the same, contract with our farmers, work with our partners, expand the network, develop more applications for True Cannabis Hemp; whether agricultural / industrial or medicinal. We recognize & respect the whole plant. January 2022 will kick of the Chemurgy show at he PA Farm Show.

 Pretzel Awards  Contact us

The mission remains the same

1-800-USE-HEMP (873-4367) in the USA..

 For over 25 years it's been Hemp flour, seed, oil for pretzels = "Hempzels". 

2021 it's expanded as Farm To Bottle Pennsylvania sourced cannabis hemp flower for healing salves & tinctures.

                        2022 - 2023 for Industrial hemp fiber textiles like HempVest or strengthening plastic for                                 Hemphrisbee's™ & HEMPY'S™ Scoop Shovels  (decarbonizing plastic tools)

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Lancaster County the  #1 non irrigated farming area in the whole USA.

Please Understand with this new industry should come restitution to those who have suffered from this criminal War on the Cannabis Hemp Plant thus the continued call louder to  #AbolishTheDEA.

GE was a broad network of energy companies - ADM started with flax seed - The Lancaster Trading House, Inc is the portal creating a team & resources since it's always been about the hemp seed. This network continues creating the infrastructure from Pennsylvania outward. Where is our six degrees of separation? Let's get it going 2022-3-4.