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Securing raw materials for the future   Hempzel™

Shawn House in blue hemp short sleeve shirt holding grains of hemp or chanvre in french.

Ontario Hemp Alliance

I drove 10 plus hours 420 miles north of Lancaster PA to London Ontario for the 2005 meeting of the Ontario Hemp Alliance. Hosted by and on Dan Scheele's farm, Gordon Scheifele I had met at the HIA conference previously in Canada - interesting that he was a distance relative on the Burkholder side to than Senator Burkholder who I had a meeting with in  Harrisburg after returning. I learned a lot and won a hemp hat for a raffle.

Captured the Moment in Pictures


Canada HIA

Cycling through elements

I took Jim Stark with me up to Canada the first time for an HIA conference meeting, than we drove to Greg Herriotts Farm at Hempola where we got hemp flour which changed our pretzel recipe.


Canada OHA

Ontario Hemp Alliance Field Day 2005

* On site demonstration of hemp production for seed, grain and post grain harvest fibre.
* Short informal program re hemp breeding            initiatives in Ontario, seed production, grain         production and fibre production.  Mr. Dan Scheele and his family farm 200 acres cash crop and run a family hog finishing business. Mr. Scheele had    previously grown 2 successful hemp fibre crops    under contract and is growing a certified seed crop in 2005. *ANKA

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