Hemp Tank Top - Woman's Petite Size Closeout
9.99 9.99 9.99 USD
From Enviro-textiles close out - Blue & Brown Hemp Child Size / Petite Adult Tank Tops.
Where labeled "Large" & "XL" but for child -
Measurements: XL Blue - 16" across the chest 12" armpit to waist
Large is 15-1/2" across the chest x 12-3/4" armpit to waist
Medium : 14-3/4" across the chest x 11-3/4" armpit to waist
3 for $12 - Our Best Sellers, Mustard, Garlic, Pepper jam
14.95 12.00 12.0 USD
Our three best sellers - 1 Bottle 11.75oz Bottle of our Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard, 1 Jar of Our Sweet Garlic Jam & 1 Jar of our Sweet & Spicy Cherry Pepper Jam
Granola Bar Vanilla Espresso Organic Lenka's bar
2.95 2.88 2.88 USD
Vanilla Espresso - the newest of Lenka's Organic Granola Bars, all gluten free now.
A large bar available discounted 1 to 6 bars, see Case section to purchase by the case.
Hemp Seed Whole No Salt 1lb bag USA grown
11.95 8.95 8.950000000000001 USD
Whole Hemp Seed full of vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin E, potassium, it's a digestible protein - Each out of the bag, on salads, soups, rice or ice cream!
Jam- Red Hot Sweet Pepper No Hemp
6.00 5.66 5.66 USD
9.6oz Fruit first, red hot / habanero / bell peppers, than raw cane sugar; available with hemp hearts
HEMPeanut Butter 8 oz jars
10.95 10.95 10.950000000000001 USD
Made in small batches 8oz jars hemp blended with roasted peanuts low sugar, low salt. Discounted from 1 to 12 jars;
Lenka Bars By the Case Organic Granola Bars Gluten Free
29.95 29.95 29.95 USD
5 Flavors of Lenka's Traditional Bars - Hand Made / Order by the case. normal shelf life is 90-120 days from production. Gluten Free. To order varieties pick than add to your cart and come back to add more.
Lenka Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Organic Granola 2.25oz
2.99 2.88 2.88 USD
Hand Made in Small Batches - Organic Granola, Peanut Butter & Sea Salt, a large bar available in up to 6 discounted or by the case
Hemp Protein Powder 50% per serving 32oz
24.95 19.95 19.95 USD
US Hemp Protein Powder without fillers, flavoring, whey, soy only the finest protein powder, every serving, half is plant based protein 50%. Now in Gold foil sealed bags kept in cold storage. Previously in plastic tubs - if you want more get it in 5 Bags = 1 Bag in bulk 10 lbs
Organic Granola bar Chocolate Cranberry Lenka's bar
2.89 2.88 2.88 USD
A hand made, not baked, organic granola with Chocolate and Cranberries - no nuts - a large bar available by the bar or case -
Granola Bars Hemp / Flax / Cranberry Raisin by the case
29.95 29.95 29.95 USD
2.25oz Bars 12 Per Case best by March 20,2021 Discounted 1 case to 4 cases.
Omega Flax Organic Granola Bar by Lenka's
2.99 2.88 2.88 USD
The Omega Bar is all Flax with no berries - Organic Granola, all gluten free in a bar not baked. 1-6 with discount, case pricing available. Wholesale
Organic Granola Bar Chocolate Nuts & Berries Lenka's 2.25
2.99 2.99 2.99 USD
Lenka's Artisan Made Bars, Organic Granola Base with Chocolates, Cranberries & Nut's - discounted 1-6 and available by the case.
Granola Bars Hemp Flax Cranberry Raisin Single
2.99 2.75 2.75 USD
2.25oz Bars discounted from 1 to 8 bars - cases available best by March 20,2021 on this last batch. .
Sweet Garlic Jam
4.99 4.89 4.89 USD
Our famous Sweet Garlic Jam - no hemp but great on toast, bagels, with cream cheese as a grilling item, recipe friendly in 9oz jars & 32oz Vegan (no bone char raw cane sugar)
Sweet & Spicy Cherry Pepper Jam
4.99 4.89 4.89 USD
Our 2nd famous Sweet & Spicy Cherry Pepper Jam - no hemp but great on toast, bagels, with cream cheese as a grilling item, recipe friendly in 9oz jars It's vegan (no bone char raw cane sugar) think of General Tso's sauce.
Granola Bar Hemp N Honey Organic Lenka's bar
2.95 2.88 2.88 USD
Lenka's newest Granola Bar - we supply the hemp, they make the bar - Organic Granola Whole hemp & hemp hearts with honey - gluten free available discounted 1-6 bars and by the case.


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