Gourmet Food Fans

Marketing hemp over the years to the consumer


We are all different yet all the same, food, wine, beer, smokes, friends, family. Gathering together to celebrate this at the Gourmet Food Shows held by Chris Meyers from Lancaster, PA.

2012 With Chef Guy


Hells Kitchen Chef

Chef Barret was in Philadelphia and liked our product - thanks for the plug chef!

Our Soft Pretzels are ready for Food Service - Our Mustard & Sweet Garlic Jams can be produced in larger sizes for restaurants.

We have hemp flour / hemp seed / hemp oil for food creation.


From a Vendor

Vending over the years I never really walked around, we were serving the other vendors; when the Nut-less Hemp Seed Butter was produced and marketed. 

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.


Mustard Fans Ambassadors

One of the best feelings is to hear the honest heart felt testimonials from a customer. Some people hated mustard until they tried ours. Others gravitated and have been fans for years. Best part about a show, in person real people, real reactions.


Hemp Seed - 

No Need to Wait for another Gourmet Food Show to get hemp seed, full of Zinc, Iron, Protein, Potassium and more.


Soft Hemp Pretzels

Now you don't have to wait for another Gourmet Food Show