Did the MJ movement high jack hemp?
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For those of us who have been in the hemp "movement" since the 1990's it's been a frustrating crusade. For the educators who constantly had to battle the establishments anti-cannabis narrative "everything is marijuana" and even today in 2024 the industry is still stumbling and the anti-cannabis element is still in manipulating the market.



It took prophet & leader Jack Herer to find deep in the Federal Library of Congress the USDA "Hemp For Victory" film. The war film was to encourage farmers to grow hemp.  Our cheap imported fiber jute from the Philippines cut off by Japanese occupation. 

Many activist cite this film and Jack's book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" as the seed being planted in people's minds but their resided within the American system the drug war mentality without exception.

So the conversation wrapping up years of business was everyone accused the hempsters of just wanting marijuana (we would correct them / Cannabis) legal. The stigma for the hempentreprenuer was in assuring people that their clothing, lip balms, lotions where made with seed oil or hemp fiber not the "flower" - less selling more educating.

Low & behold everyone knew the benefit of Cannabis flower but within that the focus on industrial hemp waned & those that were vested could only hang on for so long. Many are out of business, closed up, retired.

So did the marijuana movement hijack the industrial hemp focus - CBD comes into focus "isolates" vs the whole flower & we have more legislative delays and we watch how politricians,  through their laws create winners & losers. - Is IT a game we want to play ? - KNOW, NO thank you.  

the Hill Reports March 2023

Rose's Counter Point faulting the HIA

Did the MJ movement high jack hemp?
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
17 February, 2024
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