"Hempzel's™" Higher Protein Soft Pretzels B2B or D2C.

Soft Pretzels   Sourdough Hard Pretzels        Mustard                 

Hemp Plus Pretzels equal "Hempzel's™"

It all started with the "Original Hemp Pretzel" Hand Rolled Sourdough Crunchy / Hard Pretzels and expanded to Soft Pretzels. Complimenting our pretzels is our Mustard that "Bites Back & Mellows With Age". 

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Correction to my video;  our Uncle Henry's Traditional Sourdough "Does have hemp flour",  but it does not have the organic brown rice flour that our Original Sourdough have that Revonah Pretzel bakery has produced since 1997.
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High Protein Vegan Soft Pretzels

Soft Pretzels

Baked / Frozen 

Food Service Packaging with Salt Packet
  • Lancaster County Best Kept Secret Locally Delivery Available
  • Our Licensed Bakery Partner For Events - Venues - Casinos
  • Web Restaurant Store Limited Available
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Slotting a Pretzel Run

Our Pretzels deserve a top of the line mustard produced in 11.75oz bottles or gallon jars in glass or plastic for food service and family size venues. Home town Provisions Currently will deliver our soft pretzels from a 75mile radius of Lancaster, PA

Yummy our 1st batch

Baking is affected by the elements especially with small artisan bakeries like Dutch Country Soft Pretzels, it affects recipe adjustments but Nate the Master Baker hit a home run.

Owner Shawn House gives a candid review - want to know more?

Soft Hemp Pretzel Distributor

Our Soft Bakery Partner is supplying Hempzels™ direct to the Web Restaurant Store delivering through Home Town Provisions. Stocking only a few line of soft Pretzels starting in 2020, delivering within 75 miles of Lancaster, PA. 

Cavallaro Foods, Rochester, NY Picks up by the pallet & distributes our mustard to select stores & Wegman's. 


Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard


Our Mustard Bites Back

One of our best sellers distributed through Cavallaro Foods & Garden Spot Food Distributors to some Whole Foods Markets in Florida, Wegmans' Grocery Store & some regional locations.

Can't find it? No worries we'll ship direct.


Available Food Service Gallons in special production. 

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Sourdough Pretzels

Hand Rolled 
Hand Packed / Bagge
2 Sourdough Bakeries
 Stone Hearth Baked

All Hand Rolled Stone Hearth Baked

Traditional Hemp Sourdough Pretzel SALE 

$3 .99

16 oz purchase on sale 
  • Uncle Henry's Bakery
  • Hand Made Sourdough No Rice
  • Unbleached Wheat Flour, hemp flour, yeast salt soda

Original Hemp Sourdough

$$4 .20

8oz Bags MSRP
  • Crunchy, Sourdough, Hard, Hand Made
  • Unique hand rolled, stone hearth baked, kiln dried - hand packed
  • Unbleached Wheat flour, Hemp Flour, Brown Rice Flour,  Sourough, Yeast, Salt & Soda.
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Learn The Struggle

From the late 90's through out their has always been a struggle - learn more about the adventure.


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