Meeting The Farmers

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First or second meeting

Lancaster County gathering of farmers with first meeting: Robert Rex of the Friendly Chameleon who address the farmers about hemp paper / composites / obstacles. From this first meeting I knew we need to bring in a farmer to address the key questions. I arranged to have Jean Laprise address the farmers and than John Howell came down from NYC to address the market / his goal of contracting with farmers to market his lines. Successful but not profitable other than planting the seed.

April 11, 1999 Media

My second meeting was more successful having John Howell articulate the message on a large level. It was because of Jane Balmer's effort as the President of the Tobacco Growers Association who planted the seed in Maryland and helped guide common sense.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Hemp Project 1998

The events with the farmers rolled into be contacted by a fellow interested in putting a hempfest together in Lancaster which I got into - the Pequea Silver Mine Project Hemp Fest happened - we thought we would have 1000's of people, pre internet. .

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