Product Evolution

Bakeries close, packaging changes, check out what I've started & had to finis

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Chocolate Coating

From local Lancaster chocolatiers like MIllersvilles Groff's and Lancaster Citys - xxxxx to Reppert's in Buck's county. From sourdough to Peanut Butter filled to Granola bars. .

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Peanut Butter Filled Nuggetz

A second chance to work with one of the US largest pretzel facility at the time Anderson Bakery. Through a broker Bill got me in, we eliminated the fructose corn syrup and yeast and added in the hemp ingredients. 

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Baklava Goddess

So this wonderful lady I met at the Hershey Food Show had her line of Greek family recipes and I Hempzelized it - two types were created one Vegan the other traditional and substituted the nuts for hemp seed. 

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Whole Seed Butter

You need a commercial food grade grinder to take whole seed & oil and convert it into a "Nut-less" butter. We did it but the problem was production quantities and not enough sales. We have revisited this with a new formulation and processor.

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