HEMPeanut Butter Revived

2023 along with Nut-Less Butter made with high protein hemp seed..

Now Using Hearts

Years back we produced our "Nut-Less" spread with the whole hemp seed & hemp oil, now we've switched to the hearts & oil with a bit of salt - it's now higher protein, less insoluble fiber.

Taste great & available in 8oz Glass Jars produced in York, Pa.

HEMPeanut Butter

  • From the Original HempNut Richard Rose's formulation.
    Hemp First -  Roasted Peanuts Next - A bit of Coconut Sugar & Sea Salt.

  • Can be produced in 2lb tubs - presently available in 8oz & 1.5oz Jars


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New Nut-less Spread

Hemp Hearts vs crushing the whole seed - smoother, still not super creamy but perfect for the peanut-less butter & jelly sandwich.
Higher Protein - Low Sodium - No sugar added..

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100% Hemp Nut-less

Sampling at the Gourmet Food Show in Valley Forge Pennsylvania. 

Now available 100% shelled hemp hearts with no sugar. 

Happy Customer

Years ago when we set up at the Glenside Farmers Market our customer shares her use of our Nut-less butter.

Recipes - we will add more


Jill from Pittsburgh

Hemp Seed used in our HEMPEanut Butter, Hemp Nut-less spread and in our mustard, soft pretzels and more. Add that to our Jams for a higher protein sandwich.

Jesse from FarmShow

For years we produced through Beanie's than Lancaster Fine Foods our 100% Nut-less butter with Whole Hemp Seed, we've changed the recipe and now produce it with Shelled Hemp Seed & Hemp Oil - No Sugar added with enough Sea Salt to help balance things. Keep Refrigerated, Gluten Free - full of Vitamin E, Zinc, Manganese and other natural vitamins, minerals.  .