Jam Sweet Garlic- 32oz glass jar Family Foodservice
18.95 17.95 17.95 USD
One of our top sellers in a larger family or food service size - 32oz of Sweet Garlic Jam discounted retail from 1 to 4 jars. Remember we are shipping glass
Trio Special  Mustard, Sweet Garlic and Pepper Jam
14.95 11.75 11.75 USD
We are extending the 3 for $12 Special on our 3 top sellers. Our Mustard bites Back, Sweet & Spicy Pepper Jam, and Sweet Garlic Jam.
Red Hot HEMPepper Jam 9.6oz
7.95 6.99 6.99 USD
9.6oz Jar of Red Hot Hemp pepper Jammin Jam Glass Jar produced May 2021 25% off MSRP
Red Hot Pepper Jam 9.6 oz Jar
7.49 6.99 6.99 USD
9.6oz Fruit first, red hot / habanero / bell peppers, than raw cane sugar; available with hemp hearts
Raspberry Jam with Graines of Hemp 8oz
5.39 5.69 5.69 USD
Raspberry Fruit first with raw cane sugar & shelled hemp seeds with pectin 8oz jar - just produced
Sweet & Spicy Cherry Pepper Jam
4.99 3.99 3.99 USD
9oz Jars of NataliesChoice Sweet & Spicy Pepper Jam.
Sweet Garlic Jam
4.99 3.89 3.89 USD
9oz Sweet Garlic Jam - No Preservatives

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