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I am here to serve you at 1-800-USE-HEMP 873-4367 at the Lancaster Trading House hemp web portal - sales & products will continue to evolve as the company moves into 2024 with new resources.


Unpolished Yellow or Blue Twine 10 packs while supplies last
20.00 20.00 20.0 USD
While Supplies Last 10 balls per bag
Unpolished Yellow 16 Packs While Supplies Last
30.00 30.00 30.0 USD
While Supplies Last 16 balls Unpolished
Super Wood Yarn Maker Wood Made
7.95 7.95 7.95 USD
100% Wood made in Canada - will mail instructions
Single Marasca 250ml Square Bottle units SALE
0.75 0.75 0.75 USD
Selling single bottles -
61 Boxed 250 ml Square Marasca Bottles/
Palletized 40"x49" x 71"
Single 250ml Marasca Square Bottles 1985 units
1.00 1.00 1.0 USD
34 Boxed 250 ml Square Marasca Bottles/
Palletized 40"x48" x 68"
Selling single bottles til sold out
Rope Maker Leonardo Wood
9.95 9.95 9.950000000000001 USD
Leonardo Rope Making Kit with Instructions
Plastic Straight Jars 1.25oz (144ea+144ea) White Lids
49.95 49.95 49.95 USD
Ship 144 Plastic 1.25oz containers & 144 White Lug Screw Tops
Mixed Pallet 250ml & 500ml Marasca Square Bottles SALE
526.35 526.35 526.35 USD
23 Boxed 500ml 605 units Square Marasca Bottles / need rinsed
37 Boxed 250ml 952 Square Marasca Bottles/
Palletized 41.5"x46.5" x 74"
Wrapped / No Loading Dock / Pick Up 17368
Max Lungers Books on Hemp Secrets For Jewelry & Knotting $15.95 50% Off
8.00 8.00 8.0 USD
Max Lunger's Books - Hemp Masters: Ancient Hippie Secrets for Knotting Hip Hemp Jewelry (green cover)
Hemp Maters Getting Knotty: Red Cover $15.95 MSRP on books 50% off
Lost Harvest Stash Bags Hemp fabric
5.00 5.00 5.0 USD
The great Lost Harvest hemp line - 100% zippered Stash Bags while supplies last 6" x 4"
Lost Harvest Hemp Hackey Sacks 6 panel on sale
4.95 4.95 4.95 USD
100% hemp best on the market while supplies last
Hemp Key Fobs by Lost Harvest Assorted Colors
1.99 1.99 1.99 USD
The great Lost Harvest line - 100% hemp canvas fabric brown, turquoise, blue, red while supplies last.
Hemp Heads Knit Hats While Supplies Last
5.95 5.95 5.95 USD
While Supplies Last 100% Hemp Knit Hats one size fits up to large.
Hemp Balls of Twine Box 30
37.50 37.50 37.5 USD
BLUE 100% hemp twine
Gloves Knit 100% Hemp While Supplies Last
7.00 7.00 7.0 USD
While they last 100% hemp knit gloves with or without grips, fingerless & full fingered.
Gloves Gripper 100% Hemp While Supplies Last
7.00 7.00 7.0 USD
Made in the USA when they're gone they are gone,

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