Chemurgy from the Farmers fields with True Cannabis Hemp october 9, INTO 2022

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Cannabis Hemp

It's been over 25 years talking about freeing the hemp seed, this first annual event is focusing on the whole plant.

The Focus 

Energy from the farmers fields & a special highlight to hemp plant based plastics. We'll have a contest for most innovative products.

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Trailer open

We'll be serving plenty of hot sandwiches, pretzels, beverages and more.

Perfect Pair

All natural hemp infusion juices or pin point carbonated no frutose CannaFizz beverages to compliment good food.

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Our History

Displays of local and US Cannabis Hemp Artifacts - and more



Regional, local vendors will highlight their wares from industrial hemp to medicinal cannabis, all legal.

Hemp Flour to Hemp Flower with the focus on Chemurgy this year.

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Date & Time

October 9, 2021

9:00 AM 5:30 PM US/Eastern


Front street
Burning Bridge / Donsco
Wrightsville 17368
Get the direction

Lancaster Trading House, Inc.


Find out what people see and say about this event, and join the conversation.

Hashtag: #WrightsvilleCannaHempFest

Hemp flour to flower

Energy from the farmers fields is what we are highlighting for one day on October 9th from 9:30am to 5:30pm -

We want you to give feedback about the products you see, touch, taste and we want you to vote for your favorite.

This is a free event and we are offering Judging Passes for $4.20

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What's old is new again

True Cannabis hemp is the worlds oldest fiber seed and oil crop, It's a global history as well as United States History. The drug war and war against the plant is ending in the 21st century. We are hempy to see it hempen..

Right Here Right Now

We'll have some cool vendors who make, create, market hemp, cannabis, cbd products - come with an open mind.

Eco friendly, sustainable, empowering farmers to keep control of their land by growing true cannabis hemp.

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