New Years Resolution
Ink Agreements Full Speed Ahead

Everyone does things differently and these are as CEO of the Lancaster Trading House, Inc my new years resolutions for 2023.

1. Strengthen the relationships with our manufacturing base.

2. Find marketing funds for social media & web platform outreach.

3. Focus on the core product lines pretzels, mustard.

4. Refocus on NataliesChoice(tm) topicals and relaunch the Hemp N Heat.

5. Find an angel investor looking at long term product establishment as hemp products become steadily available.

6. Early Spring grand opening of the Concession trailer at the company HQ.

7. Establish strong ties to PennTap / Penn State / Ag / regional hemp supply.

8. Support product Ambassadors who are developing new markets for the lines offered -

9. Broaden the web platforms outreach & link into the web universe - DC2 & B2B - 

10. Source local hemp seed to process into nutraceutical foods & snacks..

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