Marasca Olive Oil Bottles
100 ml -250 ml - 375ml bottles 3 types

We need to move these to someone who can use them, Originally purchased to bottle hemp oil or hemp oil salad dressing which never happened. I have 4 plus pallets of glass bottles in bulk not boxed. New Italian Marasca Green. - Approximately 7,000.

The Marasca bottle is one of the most recognizable bottles in the packaging industry. This square shaped bottle is slender and saves space on the shelf. Marasca bottles have straight sides, making it an excellent candidate for labeling. Most commonly used to store cooking oils, the Marasca bottle is also a popular container for syrup, vinegar, salad dressings and more. Cap sold separately.

8.5 oz Green Glass Square Marasca Oil Bottles we have the most of these.  Qty $0.40ea
Capacity: 8.5 oz (250 ml)
Material Type: Glass
Color: Antique Green
Shape: Square
Neck Finish: Continuous Thread
Length: 1.9 in
Width: 1.9 in
Height: 8.4 in
Gram Weight: 266
Label Panel Dimensions: 1.266in w x 5.850in h

17 oz Green Glass Square Marasca Oil Bottles Next largest quantity - Qty $0.80ea

Green Glass Square capacity (500 ml) 
Material Type: TYPE III
Color: Antique Green
Shape: Rounded Square
Neck Finish: Continuous Thread (we have 1600 caps)
Length: 2.2 in
Width: 2.2 in
Height: 10.5 in
Gram Weight: 350
Label Panel Dimension: 1.594in w x 6.850in h

17oz Green Glass round bottle (12.75oz?) - Dorica or Marasca Qty $0.80ea

Olive Oil Bottles 15oz? 17oz? 375ml - Similar opening as other bottles -

10.25" tall -
2.25" round base

31-50 Plastic Tamper Proof Pourers. 1600 caps / pour style - $200.00 Qty $0.18ea

Stored at Lancaster Containers - Must Move ASAP open to offers. 

8.5oz 100ml
9.25" round 
375ml bottle 
1600 Tamper Proof Pour Caps
Marasca Olive Oil Bottles
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
7 September, 2021
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Available Wholesale / Exported from Lancaster county Pennsylvania