High Protein Soft Pretzel Rods  The Perfect Portion Size

1/2 our traditional hemp pretzel size in a great dipping size

Nutritional Panel

This was a sampled nutritional panel on our 2 oz soft pretzel referred to as a bread stick - 

New labeling laws have changed what can be highlighted so we will be revamping all our products for 2024.

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Gastric Bypass Serving

  • A customer from Atlantic City Explains why Hempzel Soft Pretzel Rods are ideal for her.

  • High Protein Complex Carbs - Sugar Levels Don't Spike

  • One Stix is the ideal serving

  • Watch our customer explain it better.

Restaurant Ready - Dipping Stix and don't forget the mustard


Odoo • Text and Image
Red smokey background with highlights and spotlight on soft unsalted soft pretzel rods with a pallet of cases and the Hempels logo.

Soft Pretzel Rods/Stix HMP-632

2 oz portion sizes the right size with double the plant based protein of a typical soft pretzel from Auntie Anne's, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago.

Baked & Frozen to lock in the nutritional profile - Food Service Ready

FOB Lancaster, Pa 17601 Call to set up an appointment.

On Sale til August 29th - $99 Case of Pretzel Rods.


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