Soft Pretzel Stix

1/2 our traditional hemp pretzel size in a great dipping size


Gastric Bypass Serving

I met a lot of great people over the years, here a customer who had gastric bypass surgery explains that the high protein & the complex carbohydrates from the wheat - 2oz is ideal to keep their sugar levels from spiking. She can explain it.

Restaurant Ready - Dipping Stix and don't forget the mustard

Soft Pretzel Stix Sheet

Our great soft pretzel but straight & half the size of our swirls.

Extruded & sectioned into 2 oz serving stix. Perfect for dipping.

Food Service Ready - Packaged 96 Stix Per Bulk Bag 12 lbs

Retail Packaged Familys 50 Stix Per Bag

Black & Gold 32oz Bags - 16 Stix Per Bag

Don't forget the Mustard in Gallons 

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