Signature Soft Pretzel Stix

Presently the Perfect Portion Size, High Protein Complex Carbs - Vegan Hot dogs?
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Soft Pretzel Stix

1/2 our traditional hemp pretzel size in a great dipping size

Nutritional Panel

In 2000 I had samples of our stix sent to a lab and this was their nutritional panel at the time.

Today's labeling laws restrict what Omega 3's and we've reduced the amount of hemp oil in our 2022 new batches but the protein is that equal to a hot dog from the hemp flour, hemp seed & hemp oil still used today.

Think vegetarian hot dog high protein, complex carbs

ideal for gastric bypass patients -

Odoo • Text and Image

Gastric Bypass Serving

  • A customer from Atlantic City Explains why Hempzel Soft Pretzel Stix are ideal for her.

  • High Protein Complex Carbs - Sugar Levels Don't Spike

  • One Stix is the ideal serving

  • Watch our customer explain it better.

Restaurant Ready - Dipping Stix and don't forget the mustard


Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Hemp Soft Stix HMP-632

Great for dipping - with our mustard, garlic jam, sweet cherry pepper jam and more, perfect for those with gastric bypass surgery, see the video below. Packed 24 per bag for Food Service / 96 count 12 lbs


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