1.25 Ideal For Sample & Sale

Now available in 1.25 plus sizes - a great way to get a dab and find out if you really like our Mustard That Bites Back like we think you will.

QR Code label - ingredients - explanation of sizes.

If you are a friend of Horseradish than we think you'll love this combined with honey & an apple cider vinegar base it's recipe friendly. 

Make your deviled eggs extra devilish - Mini Mustard shop

Bottles of red capped Hempzels Mustard 11.75oz Size next to stacked up 1.25oz Mini Mustards.

Available in Gallons Glass or Plastic Food Service Ready.

Standard 11.75oz Size                          Case of 6

Side view of packaged & boxed mustard from Hempzels 2 gallons on the ends with small glass & plastic bottles in the middle.

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