March 18th Twisting & Baking
fresh made soft hemp pretzels unique from Lancaster County Pennsylvania since early 2000.

2024 we March forward and our new batch of high protein soft pretzels now have the proper UPC barcoding - the longer proofing that was needed in our last batch.

Thanks for your patience & for Dutch Country Soft Pretzels our 2nd bakery since early 2000 they've worked with us through various owners & we have a license agreement and trust Head baker Nate & crew to provide a great product on March 18th 2024.

Cases are being added & bags are being updated daily -

Our Mustard is done and we'll be shipping that the same time! Another wonderful Lancaster County production facility.

Now 2024 we want bigger better hemp seed for our flour, seed & oil needs - it's great to get if from out west but let's work towards the future here in Pennsylvania.

Hemp Seed Nutrition

Hemp Seed Mustard

Soft Pretzel Catagory

March 18th Twisting & Baking
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
14 March, 2024
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