Hemp N Heat Salves Are In Stock
Both 4 oz & 1 oz / waiting for the 1 oz oil.

We are excited to release our new batch of Hemp N' Heat - fast acting deep tissue relief salve. Our Lancaster County sourced CBD was increased by 50% in both the 4 oz & 1 oz Salves and now in our 1 oz oil. 

1 oz Salve Intro            4 oz Salve Intro            1 oz Oil Intro

All natural organic and or wildcrafted sourced herbs created in Central Pennsylvania exclusively for NataliesChoice line of cannabis infused healing topicals and tinctures. This is for external use - sore muscles, joints, feet, hands, on your temple for headaches but don't touch your sensitive areas. 

40,000 SHU of Cayenne combined with 600mg of CBD in the 4oz & 150mg of CBD in our 1 oz jars add extra relief. 

Look at other relief lotions on the market - the first ingredient is water. The first healing herb in our topical salve is Organic St. John's Wort flower combined with Ginger Root, Arnica Flower, Calendula flower & much more.

We feel confident in our production facility / ingredient sourcing & standards in Pennsylvania. 

UPC Barcode for 4 oz : 

#HealingBack, #HealingMuscles,#HealingJoints, #HealingFeet, #HealingHands, 

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Relief in an Oil 1oz 

For those who don't want to use a salve so we eliminated the beeswax and adjusted the ingredients with less Cayenne fruit in it  Deep tissue healing oil.

A little Dab Will Do You!. UPC for 1 oz HEMP N HEAT Oil.

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Hemp N Heat Salves Are In Stock
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
19 February, 2024
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