SO we've twisted pretzels in a new direction since 1997.

In recognition of National Pretzel Day Week Month - Have you Tried Our's Yet? They're on sale.

  • Vegan - No eggs used in our soft pretzel mix or sourdough

  • Higher Protein - double that of a traditional pretzel from J&J, Super, Aunties, Expix, etc.

  • Cutting Edge - Think of our premium pretzels like "micro" pretzels vs traditional white get you bloated regular pretzels.

  • Our Original Sourdough Pretzels started in 1998 with Revonah Pretzel Bakery

  • Our Soft Pretzels Since 2000 with Dutch Country Soft Pretzels

  • Hempzels™ - Federal Trademarked Since 2000.

  • Enjoy our Sales on Soft Pretzels - Sourdough Pretzels

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Extended our 4/20 sale to 5/20
Another month to save on a lot of items that you should be trying.