Ready to work with the University & it's Affiliates HEMP PLUS PRETZELS

The time is now for the Lancaster Trading House, Inc. to connect with Pennsylvania's most famous university Penn State through it's branch of Technology Assistance Program - PennTap. They've helped small business since 1965 and HEMP is the new growth sector; food, fiber, fuel, self sustainability. My companies passion combined with their resources and the timing is right. Stay tuned. 

2023 looks like an exciting new year - join us at the Pennsylvania Farm Show January 7th through the 14th Saturday to Saturday and see what we have in store to show & share with the attendees. Past Farm Shows

Forefront soft hemp pretzel nuggets on two layer serving tray with smiling Shawn House in red t-shirt hands on hips with Soft Pretzel Swirl poster in back.

Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
15 November, 2022
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