New Soft Hemp Pretzel Varieties
Twist, Swirls, Braids, Nuggetz, Stix.

With the new licensing agreement we are now going to blossom - offering more varieties sizes and the power to slot a run produced for your business or venue. 

Hempzel™ Hemp Pretzel Braids

Hempzel™ Soft Pretzel Twist 4 oz and 6 oz

Hempzel™ Soft Pretzel Stix - like a vegan hot dog / dipping perfect.

Hempzel™ Soft Pretzel Sliders - Mini's 2 oz or 4 oz - Sandwich ready

Hempzel™ Soft Pretzel Swirls 4 oz - 8 packs and Food Service Ready

Hempzel™ Soft Pretzel Nuggetz 1 oz - 32 oz Swirl Bags / Food Service 

.Hempzel™ Wheat Free / Gluten Free Soft Pretzel Stix 2oz

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