Wrapping 2023 into 2024
Products Updates

Slotted for small production runs:

  • Sourdough Crunchy Pretzels before Christmas - Pre-orders ship first

  • HEMPeanut Butter 8oz & 1.5oz produced week of December 12th -  and 100% Hemp Nut-less Spread 8oz & 1.5oz

  • Soft Pretzels looks like they won't be run til after the farm show - stay tuned. SOFT 2oz Rods In Stock

  • HEMP N HEAT won't be available until after the PA Farm Show in February. We have some deep tissue in stock Shop

What is needed for 2024 -Angel Long Term Capital Investment. 

  1. At the Pennsylvania Farm Show 2024 Booth 109 in the PA Market Place Shawn House the CEO will be there 90% of the time. January 6th - 14th. EVENT

  2. A Go Fund Us Campaign is going to be developed & attached as an EVENT on this webplatform. Short term.

  3. Sourdough Pretzels - New packaging. Foil sealed bags.

  4. High Protein Soft Pretzel Packaging - Food Service is ready but something direct to consumer or for wholesale.

  5. Packaging re-design on all product lines. 

  6. Production capital & Direct Store Distribution.

  7. Pairing with the right educational institution. 

Wrapping 2023 into 2024
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
9 December, 2023
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