While They Last 1.25oz PET
For samples, jar and lids - single to the pallet.

Rows of clear plastic mini jars lined up and covered in plastic to be filled with hemp peanut butter, jams and mustard.

1.25 oz Straight Screw top clear PET plastic containers for sale from a former production facility. Shipping each one with a White Lug Screw lid. Offering them singles to check out or in 6's & 12's for retail - 144 wholesale.

21080 Per Pallet 4x4x4 - 21 layers. Bulk Packaged. SHOP

Mini Jars two with one labeled for Hempeanut Butter both are unfilled for now.Open Blue Bag in Card board box filled with white lids to secure the white mini plastic jars.

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Good Job Andy Reid!
Super-Bowl is over back to rolling & settling up.