Hot Pepper Jam
Shipping Fresh 12/7 for the Holidays

Yes it's been a while but we have it ready for the holidays -

It's labeled Hot Pepper but the combination of sugar & spice make it more sweet & spicy - perfect for;

  • Mixed into the Cream Cheese Dip with crackers

  • Reminds us of Generals Tsao's - 

  • Recipe friendly or used as a reduction in cooking

  • Used on our Hempizzza's a real thin base, perfect for bagels

  • Meat's - Cheeses - Turkey - Ham & Vegetables - Glaze & Grill.

  • Thumb Print cookies - Recipe

Tell Us what you think - we've taken the preservatives out - their is no hemp in this product FYI - Available in Food Service Sizes.

Giant 9oz Jar of Sweet & Spicy Pepper jam available and sample at our trailer or events

Hot Pepper Jam label with nutritional label on i t.

Hot Pepper Jam
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
6 December, 2023
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