Hemp Seed Nut-less Spread / Butter
In production this week HEMPeanut butter too!

It's going to be a a great start to 2023 with the new management at Blind Spot Nut Butters in York, PA. They'll be our exclusive production for

  • 100% Hemp Nut-less spread with hemp oil & sea salt - high protein, no peanuts - available in restaurant ready tubs, 8oz jars and 1.5oz Mini's for sampling wholesale accounts.

  • HEMPNut's - HEMPeanut Butter will be back in production in 12 oz Jars, 8oz Jars & 1.5 oz Mini's too. 

  • Compliments to our line of jams - 

  • Adding value to traditional PB&J with Hemp Seed.

  • Nutritional

Hemp Seed Nut-less Spread / Butter
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
20 December, 2022
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HEMPeanut Butter & 100% Hemp Nut-less Spread