End of An Era
Hemp Basics - Steve Logethetis Retires

Our former partner til 2005 Steve Logethetis one of the industry leaders in hemp fiber textile is and has closed his operations after 30 plus years working with the hemp industry of Romania and in Asia, Germany & Australia.

In 1997 I drove down to Steve & Pete's operation in East Orange NJ & saw what they where having produced, massive bolts of hemp fabric - I saw their picture on the cover of High Times & I am still in search of that photo of them both.

In 2001 Steve invested in my company when we started the Peanut Butter Filled Hempzel(tm) Nuggets & he created Hempzels LLC all. He invested a lot and has been a great mentor & we parted ways in 2005 but still remained in a working relationship but his focus was always textiles.

Today the LTH, Inc has acquired the last of Hemp Basics Romanian Hemp Fabric when it's gone it's gone, the goal is using this to capitalize our current operations - all bids are welcome call and set up and appointment.

Stacked Tubes containing 100% Romanian Hemp in different styles and weights last of the last

We have 4 pallets of hemp twine & hemp yarn produced both in Romania - yarn / unpolished vs dyed in China 100% hemp twine. 

Our platform here will absorb and highlight Steve & Hemp Basics Legacy in the Hemp Industrial revival in the United States.

Romanian Hemp

Just a small portion of the old hemp processing of fiber when Steve was in Romania during the 1990's. 

End of An Era
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
16 February, 2024
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