Easter Introduction Sale
Garlic Hemp Salve, Good Hemp Salve & Relaxing Tinctures

These are new products that need introduction and a place in everyones medicine cabinet. So from April 13 to May 20th 2022 - we've lowered the prices of our 3 newest products. 

Garlic Hemp Salve - Anti Viral, 400mg CBD infused with Lavender, better than Vics Vapor Rub.

Good Hemp Salve - topical with Cinnamon & Ginger that helps with pain management, this is good for restless leg, it's an excellent mechanics, gardeners, anyone who wears gloves salve. Think of this as a shield - 

Relaxing Herbal Blend Tincture - for calming, peace of mind and pain management. 2oz Bottle 37 servings per bottle.

No petroleum, all natural, farm to bottle, produced in Pennsylvania. Try them out & tell us what you think.

Thanks - SPH - Your business is keeping this ship going.

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