Change PA's Medical Marijuana Program
Let the Pharmacy's take it back - eliminate dispensary's

Cannabis has a rich forgotten history in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania like wise in the rest of the States in the Union. This is not a new crop but has been treated like it. Besides the past & present criminality for possession or distribution of the plant the history that was covered up is being unearthed by people like Don E. Wirtshafter at the Cannabis Museum & others who have sought to preserve the past and now address the present politricks being played on the Citizens in this great Republic.

Being required to get a card to ingest Cannabis is absurd. Creating a      dispensary program for a single plant should not be the role of Government. Licensing a select monied group to have a controlling          interest & limiting or diss allowing Citizens to grow their own Cannabis just like Tobacco should not be and cannot be justified in a free society.

I will continue to call for the abolishment of Government oversight and dispensary programs in the Commonwealth until people come to their senses and end the war, let Cannabis be sold through the free market by trusted pharmasist who specialize in healing people through apothecary  & botany. 

Shawn P. House - CEO - Lancaster Trading House, Inc. Former Candidate for Congress 16th District 2016

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