RIP Hemptress Mari Kane
Founder of Hemp World has passed on

When I went out to California to Oijui California for the annual Hemp Industries Association meeting I tagged along with Ralph Amato, Don Riese & Mark Tucci who where running Hempzels(tm) - I was out making connections and representing other companies & getting a feel for who was who. I met the movers and shakers at that time & one time saw Woody Haarleson from a distance but didn't want to intrude as I was an outsider.

Today I want to recognize another trail blazer Mari Kane an ex pat who moved up to Canada. She started an industry publication and she did a lot and I found out she had passed on after battling cancer.

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RIP Mari Kane

RIP Hemptress Mari Kane
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
16 April, 2024
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